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18.07.2024: Sulzer Supports Guinness World Record in Agricultural Water Treatment

17.07.2024: Airside Water Management: Sulzer Pumps Supporting the Expansion of Frankfurt Airport

12.07.2024: Sulzer Technology Selected for 100 MW Solar Energy Project in China

20.06.2024: Rapid Motor Rewind Brings Motor Back Online Ahead of Schedule and Minimizes Lost Production

06.06.2024: Sulzer Supports TechnipFMC on Innovative CO2 Pumps for Subsea Oil and Gas Separation

21.05.2024: Sulzer Acquires Minority Share in Wealth Minerals Ltd.

07.05.2024: Sulzer’s Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine Expertise to Deliver Major Operational Cost Savings

30.04.2024: Sulzer to Support America’s First Blue Hydrogen Facility at Scale

25.04.2024: New Pump Control Panels Ensure a Great New Year for Caribbean Fuel Terminal

16.04.2024: Sulzer Strengthens its U.S. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Partnerships

27.03.2024: Sulzer Inaugurates New High-Performance Pump Facility at its Location in Mexico

06.03.2024: Sulzer Inaugurates New Cutting-Edge Innovation Technology Hub in Singapore

26.02.2024: Sulzer Delivers Strong Results in 2023 with Focus on Structurally Growing Markets

12.02.2024: EMW Pump Reduces Maintenance Needs by Three Quarters

05.02.2024: Condensate Pumps Retrofitted by Sulzer Offer Fourfold Improvement in MTBF

31.01.2024: Sulzer Pumps and Expertise to Support Gold Medal Performance at the Paris 2024 Olympics

25.01.2024: Removing Pharmaceuticals from Water Supplies Is a Major Challenge for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

23.01.2024: Sulzer Energy Audit: Energy Efficiency Through Equipment Modernization

22.01.2024: Sulzer Expands Designated Top Employer 2024 Network to Six Countries

22.12.2023: Sulzer Commits to Third Year of Youth Engagement Programme After Continued Success

15.12.2023: Energy-Efficient and Durable Slurry Filter Feed Pump for a Phosphoric Acid Plant

08.12.2023: Sulzer Supports Expanding Chinese Power Infrastructure with Large Start-up Boiler Feed Pumps

04.12.2023: Sulzer Expands Bioplastics Portfolio with New Biodegradable Polymer

29.11.2023: Retrofitting Pumps for a New Role

27.11.2023: Sulzer Pumps Are Helping Farmers Keep Yields up and Power Bills down

21.11.2023: Sulzer Pump Retrofit Secures Flare Knockout Pump Reliability

15.11.2023: Sulzer Pumps Provide High Efficiency Irrigation for Almond Orchards

10.11.2023: Oxygen Reactor Feed MC Pump Improves O2 Delignification

07.11.2023: Power Recovery Turbines

03.11.2023: Sulzer Pumps and Engineering Expertise Halve Costs for a Wastewater System in Norway

26.10.2023: Ultramodern Corn Ethanol Plant in Brazil Uses Sulzer’s Highly Efficient Process Pumps

24.10.2023: Sulzer Molten Salt Pump Supports World First MOSS Renewable Energy Storage Project

19.10.2023: Maintaining Water Supplies in Africa

18.10.2023: Sulzer Collaborates with ANDRITZ to Support Production of 12’000 Tons of Biomethanol per Year at World Largest Plant

12.10.2023: Sulzer Restores Energy Infrastructure for Historic Hydropower Plant with Cost-savings of CHF 2.15 Million

04.10.2023: Sulzer Invests in the U.S. Water Industry to Enable Efficient Water Infrastructure from Coast to Coast

18.09.2023: Service Time Reduced to a Fraction with Sulzer’s New Shut-off Device for Agitators

07.09.2023: Sulzer Supports Low Emissions Construction Site in Oslo with Efficient Pump Technology

03.08.2023: Breathing New Life Into Pumps of Any Age From Any Brand with OEM Knowledge

31.07.2023: Robust Performance Across All Businesses

19.07.2023: Targeted Pump and Turbine Retrofits Boost Output and Reliability at Philippines Naphtha Cracker

17.07.2023: Sulzer’s OEM-X Line Service Proves Instrumental for Indian Power Plant

10.07.2023: Sulzer Opens New Service Center in Germany

26.06.2023: Sulzer Wins Contracts to Supply 50 Pumps for One of World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Project

22.06.2023: AHLSTAR A Pumps Are Now Available with a Closed Impeller

12.06.2023: Raízen Selects Sulzer for Next Generation Biofuel Production

24.05.2023: Tackling Inefficiency Through Cost-Effective Solutions for Pumps and Mixers

19.05.2023: Sulzer Secures Flexible Thermal Power Generation with Pump Retrofits

15.05.2023: Sulzer Flow Technology Selected for Net Zero Biofuel Production in Canada

09.05.2023: Sulzer Grows Irrigation Efficiency at one of Australia’s Largest Almond Orchards

03.05.2023: Sulzer and Siemens LDA Announce Digital Collaboration

25.04.2023: Sulzer Q1 2023: Strong Growth due to Large Orders

19.04.2023: Sulzer to Establish New Clean Technology R&D Center in Singapore

24.03.2023: Sulzer’s Turnkey Pumping Station Reduces Energy Costs by 40%

16.03.2023: Investment in Technology and People Drives 50 years’ Success in Sulzer’s Wexford Plant

13.03.2023: OEM-X Line Universal Pump Repair and Retrofit Service Launched

23.02.2023: Resilient Performance in Challenging Market Environment

07.02.2023: The Role of Advanced Pump technology in the Evolution of the Desalination Industry

02.02.2023: Sulzer cuts maintenance project costs by 25% with complete driveline overhaul

23.01.2023: Sulzer Gains 2023 Top Employer Recognition in Multiple Countries

23.12.2022: Extending Mine Pump Reliability

19.12.2022: Nine tips for reducing wastewater treatment plant energy use

14.12.2022: Sulzer Enables Production of Three Billion Liters of Renewable Fuels

09.12.2022: Sulzer Called in to Overhaul Storm Pump After Extended Delays

06.12.2022: Sulzer and Blue Planet Deepen Collaboration

05.12.2022: Long-Term Successful Collaboration With Major Fertilizer Producer

29.11.2022: Sulzer Pump Helps Australian Vineyards Improve Irrigation Efficiency 

28.11.2022: Sulzer Inaugurates Pump Production Line and Logistics Center in Kotka, Finland

22.11.2022: Rapid Pump Upgrade Delivers Improved Efficiency  

10.11.2022: Sulzer Delivers Targeted Pump Refurbishment that Achieves 50% Cost Saving

02.11.2022: Strong Order Growth, Increased Guidance on Orders

28.10.2022: Sulzer’s Design Expertise Ensures Protection of Danish Town till 2110 

10.10.2022: When Faced with Challenging Process Conditions

18.08.2022: Sulzer H1 2022: Substantial Rise in Orders on Continuing Momentum

20.07.2022: Sulzer Publishes Sustainability Report 2021

04.07.2022: Sulzer Enabling World’s First Commercial-Scale Waste-to-Fuel Plant With Zero Carbon Emissions

16.06.2022: Sulzer to Support Shell to Produce 820’000 Tons of Biofuels per Year at new Rotterdam Facility

31.05.2022: Sulzer to exit the Russian market

27.05.2022: Sulzer uses Captured CO2 to Optimize Oil Recovery

20.05.2022: Sulzer to Wind Down its two Entities in Poland

08.04.2022: Sulzer: Continued Strong Growth in all Divisions

01.04.2022: Sulzer Expanding Footprint in India with New Service Center

24.01.2022: Sulzer Recognized as a Top Employer 2022 in Switzerland

20.12.2021: Sulzer’s Technology Converting Bamboo into Bioethanol in Indian Bio-Refinery

17.12.2021: Sulzer Launches IEC Motor Compatible CPE Process Pump

08.12.2021: Sulzer Announces New Leadership Team

06.12.2021: Dual-shafted Grinder from Sulzer Eliminates Costly Plant Breakdowns at Pumping Stations

03.12.2021: Sulzer Launches Big Medium-Consistency Pump

18.11.2021: Sulzer Chairman of the Board Peter Löscher not Standing for Re-Election in 2022

12.11.2021: Sulzer Supporting Netherlands Wastewater Utility to Become Energy Neutral

09.11.2021: Sulzer Opens Brand New Birmingham Service Center

05.10.2021: Bearing Assembly Retrofits, not just for Overhung Pumps

01.10.2021: Sulzer Supplies Pumps for Ambitious PTA Expansion Project

29.09.2021: Sulzer Pumps Help to Green the Desert

27.09.2021: Sulzer’s XJ 900 was Awarded Product of the Year at the Pump Industry Awards

02.08.2021: Stringent Test Criteria for Main Feedwater Pumps in Nuclear Plant Overachieved

15.07.2021: Sulzer Cuts Component Repair Times Using Laser Metal Deposition

24.06.2021: Fifteen Water Injection Pumps are Optimizing Production at Iraq’s Largest Oil Field

15.06.2021: Sulzer and Blue Planet Announce Partnership to Reduce CO2 Emissions

26.05.2021: Matching Feed Water Pump Designs with Advances in Gas Fired Power Plants

18.05.2021: Finnish Energy Company Employed Sulzer Sense

03.05.2021: Retrofitting API 610 5th Edition Vintage Pumps to Meet the Criteria Specified in 12th Edition

16.04.2021: SIL Process Pump Is Perfect Fit for Emergency Showers in Pulp Mill

14.04.2021: Sulzer to Supply Pumps and Mixers to a new Bioproduct Mill in Finland

12.04.2021: Editorial: Beyond the Bearing Housing Retrofit

31.03.2021: Sulzer Offers Interactive Pump Training Courses for Operators and Maintenance Engineers

24.03.2021: Equinor Platform Benefits from Rapid Repair and Pump Manufacturing Expertise

23.03.2021: Sulzer Enhances Production Capabilities at Finnish Factory

19.03.2021: Framework Agreement Minimizes Repair Times

16.03.2021: Scaba Heavy-Duty Agitators Save Energy in Sulphur Melters

15.03.2021: Upgrading a 100-Year-Old Pump Installation in New Orleans

11.03.2021: Sulzer Pumps Are at the Core of Geothermal Power

08.03.2021: Pump Solutions for Mine Water Management

04.03.2021: Pump Expertise Enhances Reliability and Efficiency in Saudi Arabia’s Latest Facility

02.03.2021: An Almost Everlasting Evaporator Circulation Pump

01.03.2021: Managing Water Pumping Systems in the Most Challenging Construction Projects

26.02.2021: Armand Sohet Appointed as Sulzer’s Chief Sustainability Officer

22.02.2021: Editorial: Expert Knowledge Can Improve Vertical Pump Efficiency and Reliability

17.02.2021: Editorial: Optimizing Processing Performance and Reliability in Refineries

15.02.2021: Sulzer Delivers Seawater Treatment and Injection Systems on FPSO Anna Nery

03.02.2021: Sulzer Completes Acquisition of Nordic Water

22.01.2021: Sulzer-led Project Improves Performance and Control of Sewage Pumping Stations

15.01.2021: Sulzer Delivers Pump Packages for Saudi Arabia’s Latest Satellite Desalination Project

05.01.2021: Pump Retrofit Contract for Norwegian Oil and Gas Platform

28.12.2020: Up to 50 Percent Efficiency Improvement Through Full Life Cycle of Spanish Irrigation Project

23.12.2020: Knowledge Transfer for Operators and Maintenance Specialists

21.12.2020: Editorial: Improving Motor Specification to Boost Efficiency of Submersible Wastewater Pumps

16.12.2020: Sulzer Creates Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Process to Minimize Lead Time on Components

10.12.2020: Pressurized Sewage Pumping Systems for Norways Remote Holiday Homes

04.12.2020: Editorial: Plant Optimization for Fertilizer Manufacturers

01.12.2020: Refinery Pump Retrofit Boosts Output

27.11.2020: Sulzer Overhauls Main Pumps in Water Station Pumping to Ensure Decades of Reliability

24.11.2020: Reliable and Cost-effective Sump Pumping with Sulzer’s Ejector

20.11.2020: Sulzer Secures Contract for Danish Climate Protection Scheme

17.11.2020: Expansion to Sulzer’s 10K Muffin Monster Product Range

13.11.2020: New Technology for Legacy Pumps With Reverse Engineering Techniques

11.11.2020: Commercial Rebound At Sulzer Under Way

09.11.2020: Sulzer Launches ES Single Mechanical Element Seal for AHLSTAR Pumps

05.11.2020: Machine Learning Is Not Enough: Advanced Analytics Program for Pumping Systems

03.11.2020: Sulzer Takes the Pressure Out of Pump Operations for Large Scale Power Projects

30.10.2020: Sulzer increases capacity and efficiency for Babbitt bearing manufacturing

27.10.2020: Optimizing Offshore Pump Performance and Reliability

22.10.2020: Installing modern materials and design upgrades through retrofit projects in chemical plants

19.10.2020: Sulzer introduces heating jacket for thermal maintenance of CPE pumps

15.10.2020: Repair of decommissioned turbine saves time and money for pulp manufacturer

08.10.2020: Going virtual – Sulzer welcomes visitors to its online virtual exhibition stand

02.10.2020: Four-day seminar on “Pump Maintenance and Operation” at the Sulzer Academy for pumps and systems

28.09.2020: Remote geothermal steam turbine inspection completed in record time

23.09.2020: Keeping wastewater arteries clear

18.09.2020: IoT condition monitoring in the process industry

16.09.2020: Retrofit or replace? Discovering savings for the hydrocarbon sector

08.09.2020: Building Brazil’s Future Water Supply with Sulzer Pumps

02.09.2020: Sulzer to acquire Haselmeier

28.08.2020: Keeping the power plants online

25.08.2020: Editorial: Optimizing Pumps and Expanders Reduces Operating Costs and Extends Service Life

20.08.2020: Sulzer Pumps at the Heart of the Largest Smolt Facility in Norway

17.08.2020: Sulzer Cooling Water Turnkey System for CCGT Power Plant

04.08.2020: Editorial: Advanced Pump Analysis Proves Invaluable

03.08.2020: Sulzer: Robust Performance Driven by Aftermarket

30.07.2020: Sulzer Pump Retrofit Project Paid off in Weeks

23.07.2020: Editorial: Selections That Impact True Asset Cost

17.07.2020: Sulzer: Twelve Pumps for Chinese Refinery

24.06.2020: 12 million benefit from ambitious water pumping project

17.06.2020: Sulzer’s CPE ANSI pump granted NSF drinking water certificate

11.06.2020: Sulzer to make significant investment in Tamturbo Plc

27.05.2020: Sulzer: New pumps paid off in two years

29.04.2020: Optimizing asset performance – Sulzer offers long-term maintenance support for Colombian industries

24.04.2020: Sulzer: Resilient performance on continued order growth

22.04.2020: Sulzer: Taking a spin through the circular economy

04.03.2020: Sulzer deploys artificial intelligence solution at two Atlantica solar plants

26.02.2020: Sulzer: Continued growth and increased profitability in 2019

14.02.2020: Local expertise for rotating equipment maintenance

07.02.2020: Sulzer: A Texas refinery achieves improved performance from API barrel pump with an ROI of just 35 days

29.01.2020: Sulzer water injection pump brought back to life to maintain productivity after seven years lying dormant

23.01.2020: Keeping the Water Where you Want it in Tunnel Construction

15.01.2020: Precision Repairs from Sulzer’s Service Center in Buenos Aires

08.01.2020: 40-Year-Old Refinery Pump Reconditioned and Returned to Service

11.12.2019: Sulzer GTC’s President Honored with Hydrocarbon Processing Lifetime Achievement Award

05.12.2019: Mix and Match ─ Sulzer Launches New Salomix Agitator Family

13.11.2019: Sulzer Reverse-Engineers Compressor Component with 40 Percent Cost Saving

08.11.2019: Pump Retrofit Benefits: Design Changes for New Applications and Improved Durability

04.11.2019: Sulzer Delivers A Strong Q3

25.10.2019: Sulzer Expands its Footprint in Southeast Asia

14.10.2019: Sulzer Introduces the Latest Addition to the Submersible Dewatering XJ Pump Range

10.10.2019: New Technology for Old Parts: Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Enhance Performance of Pumping Systems

30.09.2019: Sulzer Appoints new President for Rotating Equipment Services in South America

12.09.2019: Sulzer Introduces Wireless Condition Monitoring

09.09.2019: Sulzer Appoints Girts Cimermans as President of its Applicator Systems Division

13.08.2019: New Lease of Life for Boiler Feed Pumps: Retrofit Project Delivers 5 Percent Efficiency Improvement

07.08.2019: Sulzer with Strong and Profitable Growth in the First Half of 2019

18.07.2019: Rapid Parts for Rotating Equipment: New Technologies Reducing Lead Times for Spare Parts

17.07.2019: An Acquisition with Good Chemistry

11.07.2019: Sulzer: Revised Pump Design Saves Diesel Margin for Nuclear Power Plant

05.07.2019: Sulzer Completes Acquisition of Alba Power

04.07.2019: Construction Starts on Sulzer’s New Birmingham Service Center

27.06.2019: Sulzer: Ensuring Feedwater Pump Reliability Through Proactive Site Performance Testing

02.11.2010: ABS Turbocompressors HST Selected for MBR Plant

15.10.2010: The ABS EffeX Pump Range is Complete

11.10.2010: Submersible Mixer Concept with a Permanent-magnet Motor

16.06.2010: ABS Wins Order Worth EUR 1,2 Million for Equipment for Treatment Plant in Argentina

31.05.2010: ABS Wins Order Worth EUR 1.2 Million for Equipment for Treatment Plant in Argentina

20.04.2010: ABS Wins Orders Worth SEK 10 Million From Treatment Plants

13.04.2010: ABS Wins Order for Wastewater Treatment Plant in USA

09.03.2010: ABS Establishes A New Production Unit In China

10.12.2009: ABS Brings New Insulated Lifting Station

19.10.2009: ABS Launches Submersible Sewage Pumps With Premium-Efficiency Motors

05.08.2009: ABS Supplies Pumps For Spanish Desalination Plant

24.02.2009: ABS Launches a New Range of Control Panels

23.12.2008: ABS Expands the Mixer Range With a New Efficient Sludge Specialist

17.12.2008: Compressor Expertise Exclusively for ABS Customers

27.11.2008: New ABS Dry-Installed Sewage Pump AFC

20.10.2008: The Upgraded ABS Robusta Light Drainage Pump

30.06.2008: ABS Group in Norway

04.06.2008: ABS New Floating Pontoons to Avoid Unnecessary Wear

21.05.2008: New ABS Turbocompressor HST 40

31.03.2008: ABS at IFAT in Munich, May 5th – 9th, 2008

15.02.2008: ABS Group Signs a Three-Year Agreement With Veolia

04.09.2007: Management Changes Within ABS Deutschland GmbH

05.04.2007: Tomas Wängberg new President and CEO of ABS Group

23.02.2007: New Dewatering Range Sludge and Water Mixed With Solids

22.01.2007: ABS Wins Technology Innovation of the Year Award

08.11.2006: Peter Aru new President of ABS Group

22.06.2006: New ABS Submersible Sludge Pump

09.05.2006: Contract for Ensival-Moret Shanghai

26.04.2006: ABS Delivers Equipment to Three Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

16.12.2005: New ABS Product Supply Director

16.12.2005: ABS Launches Basic Pump Controller BPC

18.10.2005: ABS Launches New Higher Spec AFP Pumps

10.10.2005: ABS in UK Acquires Service Unit

23.09.2005: New Managing Director for ABS in Spain

15.07.2005: ABS Launches New Lifting Stations

05.07.2005: ABS Strong Partner in Construction Site Dewatering

22.06.2005: New President of the ABS Group

05.04.2005: IFAT As Launch Pad for New ABS

18.02.2005: Wastewater Technology as ABS Core Business

18.01.2005: ABS Launches New Lifting Station

03.11.2004: Equipment to Award-Winning Wastewater Treatment Plant

28.09.2004: ABS Launches New Pump in PIRANHA® Family

10.09.2004: ABS Launches New Pump in AS Family

01.09.2004: The Water Pump for More than Water

30.08.2004: Paper Mill Orders ABS Equipment

19.08.2004: ABS Moving Closer to the Customers

09.07.2004: ABS Launches New PIRANHAMAT® 701 Lifting Station

05.05.2004: New ABS Pump Selection & Planning Software

13.02.2004: ABS 2003 – With Focus on New Service

12.02.2004: Blockage-free Pumping With ABS’ New AFP-ME Pumps

05.01.2004: Blockage-free Sewage Pumping

14.11.2003: New ABSEL User Manual

22.10.2003: ABS introduces the new NOPOL® O.K.I. 2000 aerators for “MBR”

22.10.2003: ABS Launches New Wastewater Pump

13.10.2003: New ABS Wastewater Pump ROBUSTATM1 – For Low Level Pumping

15.08.2003: Now in 20 Languages

28.05.2003: ABS Presents the New Improved JUMBO® 5W

28.05.2003: ABS Launches New Marketing Concept

12.05.2003: ABS Interim Report: January – March 2003

08.05.2003: Extension of Wastewater Pump Range

25.04.2003: New Lifting Station with 170 Litres Tank

22.04.2003: 2002 a Strong Year for ABS Pumps

17.04.2003: ABS Launches High-Tech AQUALEVEL® Range

01.04.2003: Enhanced Delivery Service for Process Pumps

05.03.2003: New Innovative Line of the AFP, the ME4 Series

08.11.2002: Increased demand for ABS pumps

17.10.2002: ABS pumps are rented for the extension of Madrid airport

01.10.2002: ABS at the Pollutec exhibition

23.09.2002: ABS pumps used in Shanghai Volkswagen’s new proving ground

10.09.2002: A Park That is All About Water

15.08.2002: ABS introduces service kits for process pumps

15.08.2002: ABS Interim Report: January – June 2002

10.07.2002: ABS pumps used for new wastewater plant in the old capital of China

03.07.2002: MasterSeal – the new dynamic seal from ABS

25.06.2002: ABS introduces The Next Generation of SANIMAX®

24.06.2002: What You Don´t See is What You Get

14.06.2002: Arauco orders 300 ABS pumps for new Pulp Mill

07.06.2002: ABS introduces DURANTA® – a submersible pump with built-in level control

14.05.2002: Fine Bubbles – No Troubles

07.05.2002: ABS Interim Report: January – March 2002

23.04.2002: SPCI 2002 – The World Pulp & Paper Week

27.03.2002: ABS Nopon will present two brand new product lines

21.03.2002: Innovative products at the IFAT exhibition

18.03.2002: Annual Report 2001 – Further expansion in service

20.02.2002: ABS: Report on Operations 2001

08.02.2002: ABS acquires French manufacturer of pumping stations and sets up Portuguese subsidiary

04.01.2002: ABS Announces the Next Generation of MF 354 – 804 and Piranha 08 Pumps

10.12.2001: Software Update: ABSEL 1.5

09.11.2001: ABS extends the AFP Range of Submersible Sewage Pumps

09.11.2001: ABS at Successful Pulp & Paper Exhibition in Brazil

11.10.2001: Next Generation of ROBUSTA™ Pumps from ABS

05.10.2001: ABS extends the AFP range of Submersible Sewage Pumps

25.09.2001: ABS acquires Service Company in the US

25.09.2001: Life Cycle Cost Reduction with HYPOMIX®

25.09.2001: New ABS Web Site

21.05.2001: New unique Pump Installation Concept

09.03.2001: ABS: Annual Report 2000

20.02.2001: ContraBlockTM The Next Generation of Blockage-Free Pumping

30.01.2001: ABS re-organises into customer segments

19.12.2000: ABSEL 1.4 with new features and in 9 languages

04.12.2000: Life Cycle Cost in focus in new “ABS Partners”

27.11.2000: ABS pumps for major water project in Turkey

27.10.2000: New model JUMBO® 205 from ABS

29.09.2000: New President for ABS

23.09.2000: ABS supports Sydney to provide Reliable Water Treatment

15.09.2000: ABS Partners – new customer magazine from ABS

18.08.2000: ABS: Continued high demand for water and wastewater products

10.08.2000: New high head pump series HiLift from ABS

17.05.2000: ABS: Expansion in the Water and Waste water segment and solid profit performance

15.03.2000: ABS is protecting the Baltic Sea with the largest submersible pumps ever built