Sulzer Announces New Leadership Team

Sulzer, the international technology company in fluid engineering, is renewing its top leadership team by appointing successors from within its own ranks as part of its strategic succession planning.
Sulzer Announces New Leadership Team

Frédéric Lalanne, currently President of Sulzer’s Flow Equipment division, will become Sulzer's new CEO. (Image source: Sulzer Ltd.)

Board of Directors proposes Suzanne Thoma as Chairwoman
Following Peter Löscher’s recently announced decision not to stand for re-election, the Board of Directors of Sulzer has unanimously voted to propose Dr. Suzanne Thoma as Chairwoman to a shareholder vote at the April 2022 AGM. Suzanne Thoma is currently Vice-Chairman of Sulzer’s Board of Directors, to which she was elected in 2021. She is Chief Executive Officer of the international energy and infrastructure group BKW AG and a member of the Board of Directors of OC Oerlikon. In view of her new role and responsibility as Chairwoman of the Sulzer Board of Directors and in the spirit of best governance, Suzanne Thoma has already announced that she will not stand for re-election as a member of the Board of Directors of OC Oerlikon Holding AG at the General Assembly in spring 2022.

Peter Löscher said: “Suzanne is an experienced business leader with a great track record as the CEO of a publicly traded company. With her comprehensive know-how in transformation processes, she also contributed to the strategic repositioning of Sulzer’s core businesses, as well as to the implementation of the succession plans. I am convinced that Suzanne has all the necessary skills to make a great Chairperson, leading Sulzer successfully through the challenges ahead.”

Division President Frédéric Lalanne to succeed CEO Greg Poux-Guillaume
Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, CEO of Sulzer since December 1, 2015, has informed the Board of Directors of his desire to hand over his responsibilities to his successor in early 2022, after six years at the helm of Sulzer and a successful turnaround. The Board thanks Greg for his outstanding contribution. Under his leadership, Sulzer was transformed through a combination of strategic repositioning, operational improvement, and value-creating management and acquisitions. He led the development and subsequent September 30, 2021 listing of medmix (MEDX.SW), of which he will remain Chairman. Greg leaves Sulzer with excellent profitability and a strong internal talent pool.

The Board of Directors has decided to appoint Frédéric Lalanne, currently President of Sulzer’s Flow Equipment division, to the position of CEO. Frédéric will take over from Greg after the Full-Year 2021 results presentation on February 18, 2022. Frédéric led the turn-around of the Flow Equipment division from loss-making to an operational profitability which should approach 6% in 2021. He initially joined Sulzer in 2016 as Group Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, a role in which he modernized and energized Sulzer’s commercial approach and processes across all its businesses. The Board is confident that Frédéric is the right leader for Sulzer’s next phase of profitable growth.

Peter Löscher said: “Greg has been my trusted partner for the past 6 years. I am proud of the team we have built and of the results we have achieved together. The company split in September created a natural transition and Greg elected to pass the baton to his internal successor Frédéric. Greg is a transformational leader who gave Sulzer direction and stability during his tenure and I am sure he will move on to new successes. With Frédéric, who not only revamped the commercial function at Sulzer but also turned around our largest business, Sulzer’s operational leadership will be in very good new hands.”

Suzanne Thoma added: “I look forward to the opportunity to lead Sulzer with Frédéric through its next phase of growth. I am confident that Frédéric will take us even higher.”

Greg Poux-Guillaume concluded: “I am proud of what the people of Sulzer have achieved over the past 6 years. It has been an honour to be their leader as we reinvented the company, together.”

A new leader for our Services division
Daniel Bischofberger, who joined Sulzer as Services division President in 2016, has been approached for a CEO position outside Sulzer. This highlights yet again that the market recognizes Sulzer’s ability to develop leaders. Daniel was instrumental in the digitalization of our Services business, and in expanding its reach to adjacencies like aero-derivatives. We are excited for Daniel and thank him for his contribution to Sulzer.

To replace Daniel, as part of our robust succession-planning process, the Board has selected Tim Schulten, Sulzer’s current Group head of Strategy, Marketing and Digital. Tim joined Sulzer in early 2021. At Caterpillar, where he spent most of his career, Tim acquired extensive experience running service and parts businesses. He was most recently the General Manager Marketing and Product support for the Electric Power business, responsible for marketing, channel development, pricing, business support, parts logistics and engineering. He was previously General manager for sales and distribution of engine-maker MWM GmbH, in Mannheim. Tim holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), and an MBA from Harvard.

Tim will take over from Daniel on January 1, 2022. Daniel will assist the transition until the end of February.

Gerhard Roiss not standing for re-election at 2022 Annual General Meeting
Gerhard Roiss has informed the Board of Directors that he will not stand for re-election after six years on the Board. Sulzer’s Board of Directors thanks Gerhard for his valuable contribution and will inform in due course about the nomination of a successor.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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