Paper Mill Orders ABS Equipment


The Eendracht Karton Paper Mill in Appingendam, Netherlands, has placed a complete order of agitators, pumps and diffusers from ABS, in order to set up their new KM11 machine. This project is one of many at the mill, which would make the movement into new areas of the packaging industry possible.

Paper Mill Orders ABS Equipment

The KM11 machine, which will produce paper board, will be one of the fastest board machines in Europe. In order to secure a reliable operation, De Eendracht will install 4 BA pumps, to be used as head box pumps. In addition to this, a total of 17 agitators will be used in several new processes: 7 side entry SCABA® agitators and 1 top entry SCABA agitator for the stock preparation, 6 side entry SCABA agitators for several mixing/machine chests and finally 3 top entry SCABA agitators for CaCO3 slurry for the coating kitchen.

Because of the mill upgrade and new investments, the existing wastewater plant needed to be reinforced in order to obtain increased wastewater capacity. This will be achieved by an installation of around 2,000 NOPOL® PRK diffusers from ABS.

For further information, please contact Bart Brouwer at ABS Pompen BV in the Netherlands, tel. + 31 30 2425678, fax + 31 30 2410346 or e-mail

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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