Compressor Expertise Exclusively for ABS Customers


ABS turbo compressors for supplying compressed air to aeration systems are known for their high efficiency and low maintenance costs. It is no wonder that these turbo compressors are highly successful in the market for biological wastewater treatment. To intensify sales in this sector and provide close customer contacts, ABS have reinforced staff by introducing two new compressor experts.

Two new staff members are ready to commence work from January 2009 at ABS Deutschland GmbH. Besides being specialists in all areas concerning wastewater treatment, both of the staff members possess long-term expertise in the field of blower and compressor technology.

The new ABS experts will focus their efforts and know-how in sales, project planning, commissioning and service of the ABS HST turbo compressors. As a result, ABS customers will enjoy direct support from two leading experts. Thus, in the future, all questions ranging from offers, choice of technology and planning to operation and service will be dealt with directly and competently by our new experts who will be based in Hameln close to Hannover.

No doubt, our two new experts will have plenty to keep them busy, mainly because ABS’s innovative turbo compressor technology has been successful in convincing a rising number of municipalities administrations to convert their existing systems to the new “ABS Turbo” system. The advantages of the new systems are clearly demonstrated by the new turbo compressor, the ABS HST 40. Compared to the present HST models, the HST 40’s enhanced efficiency not only represents a leading edge over all conventional blowers, it is also more economical than any other compressor on the market.

“We have a distinctively better solution for larger waste treatment plants. We are the leaders in terms of life-cycle costs, reduction of CO2 emissions and profitability improvement – and we are proud to be the market leaders in this product segment too”, says Tomas Wängberg, President and CEO of ABS Group.

Together with the turbo compressor product line, ABS provides a comprehensive product program for biological treatment processes and wastewater technology: pumps, mixers, agitators, aerators, control and monitoring systems as well as an extensive service offer.

About ABS

ABS is a global solutions provider for the dewatering of buildings and sites in private, commercial and municipal areas as well as industrial applications. The ABS Group has 1800 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of approx. EUR 300 million (figures from 2007). Having company sales subsidiaries in 40 countries and sales and service branches in an additional 100 countries, ABS’s sales organization is responsible for maintaining direct contacts to customers. The ABS Group is part of the Cardo Group which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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