New high head pump series HiLift from ABS


ABS is introducing a new series of HiLift pumps for high head pumping. The new range offers reliable wastewater pumping from buildings, sites and industry, and is ideal for stormwater pumping.

For blockage-free operation, the new HiLift pumps are equipped with the ABS patented ContraBlock system.

The new HiLift range has been developed for those difficult applications where the head is high but the flow is relatively low. This can arise if the static lift is high or where the pipeline is very long, leading to high friction losses - or a combination of these circumstances.

Submersible Wastewater Applications

The new submersible HiLift pumps are for wastewater applications, including screened or unscreened sewage from buildings and sites in private, commercial, municipal areas and also for industry. They are especially suitable for stormwater where high heads are needed.

Further application possibilities for the robust HiLift range are dewatering in underground areas, wash down systems, water abstraction from lakes or rivers, quarries and lechate from land fill sides.

Reliable Operation with ABS ContraBlock

The pumps are available for high head pumping up to 75 m in 50 Hz or 90 m (280 ft) in 60 Hz. The range goes from 3.5 kW to 23 kW and is offered in both standard and explosion-proof version. The HiLift range comprises DN 65, DN 80 and DN 100 versions with solids passage of 45 (1¾") or 50 mm (2").

To provide blockage-free pumping even where the solids passage is small, the HiLift pumps are equipped with the ContraBlock hydraulics. The ContraBlock system acts as an anti-blockage device. The optimal design, with an open single or multiblade impeller revolving on a spiralled groove, ensures that solids or fibres are processed through the pump without blockage.

Patented by ABS in 1969, the ContraBlock technology has proved itself in numerous applications world-wide, giving reliable operation year after year.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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