ABS Presents the New Improved JUMBO® 5W


ABS has now launched a new JUMBO 5W, which has been upgraded. It is a portable submersible contractor pump designed for draining abrasive water from construction sites, mines, ships, docks and flooded areas. The pump is used by contractors, pump rental houses, as well as treatment plants.

The JUMBO 5W has been equipped with new features such as the adaptable discharge spigot, which can be adjusted so that it allows the pump to discharge both vertically as well as horizontally. It also has a stainless steel jacket which extends this product’s life span as it protects the pump from damage.

The pump can be used with any kind of non-corrosive liquid as well as abrasive water from construction and flooded areas. The pump has also been fitted with both a rubber-coated impeller and a rubber pump casing which reduces wear and tear. The pumps has also a genial self-cooling system that allows pumping for long periods of time. Another feature is that the old handle has been replaced with a more comfortable and new robust handle.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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