Sulzer and Siemens LDA Announce Digital Collaboration

Sulzer and Siemens Large Drives Applications (LDA) are using their collective expertise to provide operators of large centrifugal pumps with an enhanced digital value proposition: Bringing together their respective IoT-platforms and services, BLUE BOX and SIDRIVE IQ, the two companies are collaborating to deliver an integrated solution that improves equipment reliability and cuts operations costs.
Sulzer and Siemens LDA Announce Digital Collaboration

The pump and drive system-OEMs team up through their IoT-platforms for enhanced pump operations. (Image source: Sulzer Ltd.)

Sulzer and Siemens LDA are taking the first steps in a journey that is expected to deliver significant savings for operators of large centrifugal pumps. In order to offer a more holistic value-add that addresses the wider drivetrain, Sulzer’s pump-specific, AI-based analytics platform, BLUE BOX, will now be complemented by predictive maintenance data from Siemens LDAs’ SIDRIVE IQ, an IoT-platform for smart fleet management of drive systems & solutions.

Initially with this, operators will have access to more relevant information in one place, will be able to make better decision based on health and operations-data of the entire pump drive trains and will benefit through more effective service support in case of incidents. Furthermore, operators will be able to plan maintenance events more accurately and determine the health of the pump drive system on-demand.

Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels, Vice-President Digitalization and Software Large Drive Applications, comments: “In the digital world, collaboration in ecosystems is fundamental for value-add, speed and focus on what everyone can do best. In the partnership with Sulzer, we strive to combine the digital and physical world for best-in-class value-add for pump drive train operators: decades of product and engineering know-how, IoT and AI-technologies as well as global service networks.

Sulzer and Siemens Large Drives Applications have been working together to integrate and exchange data between their IoT-platforms that will enable operators of large pumps to ensure their equipment is operating at peak performance. Both, the combined data from both BLUE BOX and SIDRIVE IQ as well as the expert support will allow the operators to identify actions that control lifecycle costs and reduce carbon footprints – objectives on the business agenda of every company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) charter today.

Dr. Marc Heggemann, Head Digital Solutions Sulzer Services concludes: “Our collaboration with Siemens LDAs offers an excellent opportunity to further improve asset performance, reduce downtime and maximize efficiency, all of which help to reduce operating costs. This is the starting point for us, we will work with customers to develop the idea much further and include additional functionality to maximize the potential of this exceptional concept.”

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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