Sulzer Supporting Netherlands Wastewater Utility to Become Energy Neutral

An innovative bio-power scheme in the Netherlands is using a new process to produce biogas from sludge during wastewater treatment. Sulzer was selected to supply equipment and expertise to the plant, one of the first of its kind.
Sulzer Supporting Netherlands Wastewater Utility to Become Energy Neutral

Image source: Sulzer Ltd.

Sulzer’s wastewater treatment specialists developed a customized solution to mix the sludge, a key part of the process, helping the plant to increase biogas production by 20-30 percent. The utility that serves around 90’000 people is now on track to achieve energy neutrality by 2030.

The Rivierenland Water Authority in the Netherlands is investing in new infrastructure to improve the performance of its wastewater treatment systems while also reducing its impact on the environment. The Energie Fabriek West (Energy Factory West) project in Sleeuwijk consolidates three wastewater treatment facilities into one and includes new technology to produce biogas from sludge to supply a power generation unit. With this, it plans to become energy neutral by 2030.

The plant’s process relies on a highly complex flow-control system, pumping the sludge between different compartments and mixing it to prepare it for maximum biogas production. Sulzer’s wastewater treatment specialists developed a customized approach to mix and prepare the sludge, allowing it to be broken down more efficiently to produce increased amounts of biogas. The company supplied a range of pumps, agitators, turbocompressors, diffusers and a flow booster, all with the highest levels of efficiency to help the plant reach its goal of energy neutrality.

Frédéric Lalanne, President of Sulzer’s Flow Equipment division, commented: “This project exemplifies our commitment to supporting customers to improve the sustainability of their operations. The new wastewater plant optimizes the performance and efficiency of sewage treatment in the area, serving some 90’000 people. But most importantly the new technology at the plant puts the utility on a path to achieving its goal of becoming energy neutral in the next 10 years.”

Construction and commissioning of all the equipment was completed on schedule during 2020. The Energy Factory began full operation in 2021 and has been performing efficiently since.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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