New model JUMBO® 205 from ABS


ABS introduces a new model in the JUMBO® range of contractor pumps for powerful dewatering of abrasive water from construction sites, mines, ships, docks and flooded areas.

The new model JUMBO® 205 is a 21 kW pump for high head or high volume.

Cost-effective pumping through high availability

ABS portable JUMBO® pumps are designed for instant "plug and play". With their easy installation, the pumps are made available for immediate use and ready for any new challenges that occur.

The ABS JUMBO® pumps offer flexibility to meet a variety of demands. The range includes pumps from < 1 kW (JUMBO® 5) up to 56 kW (JUMBO® 604). A compact, lightweight design combined with high motor power means that even the most powerful pumps could be called portable.

Reliable operation with durable performance

The built-in motor protection and fully encapsulated motor ensure complete flood protection. A robust cooling jacket and outlet position guarantees an optimal cooling of the motor. In addition to this, the JUMBO® 205 and larger offers overload protection with thermal sensors in the motor windings. The large pumps also have a DI-system as standard; a seal probe in the oil casing protecting the pump in case of seal leakage.

All JUMBO® models have adjustable hydraulic sections to maintain high pump efficiency, by using rubber lined wear parts and open multi vane impellers in hardened chrome iron.

Additionally, the JUMBO® range considers the environment through its low operational noise levels.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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