ABS: Continued high demand for water and wastewater products


Solid growth in sales, particularly in the largest segment, water and wastewater. Lower margins for products to the process industry.

Invoiced sales for the first half of 2000 increased to MSEK 1211 (last year MSEK 1165) This corresponds to an increase of 3% adjusted for currency fluctuations and acquisitions. The increase was good in the water and wastewater segment which accounts for more than half of ABS sales. Deliveries to the process industry were at the same level as last year, whereas shipments to the building and construction area increased only thanks to the acquisition of CH&E in the US.

During the second quarter of 2000, ABS received one of its largest orders ever with a value of more than 20 MSEK. 16 large pumps of the series FR for dry installation will be delivered to the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The project is part of the extension of the city’s sewage systems. Our ability to find the most cost-effective solution for the customer’s need was again the decisive factor making this a success for ABS. The unique product offering from ABS includes pumps and mixers for submersible as well as for dry installation and solves customers problems in an economical way the world over.

At the beginning of 2000, ABS acquired the company CH&E in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in order to further expand in the building and construction segment. CH&E manufactures engine driven contractor pumps, which suitably complement ABS submersible electrical pumps.

Key figures

(One SEK = 0,119 EUR or 0,115 USD)

All figures in MSEK

Jan.-June 2000, Invoiced sales 1211, Operating profit 98,

Jan.-June 1999, Inv.sales 1165, Oper.prof. 105,

Jan.-Dec. 1999, Inv.sales 2465, Oper.prof. 247

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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