ABS pumps used in Shanghai Volkswagen’s new proving ground


ABS in China has delivered a number of wastewater pumps to the new proving ground at the Shanghai Volkswagen plant. China and Germany own this car-making joint venture equally. The Shanghai Volkswagen plant has an annual capacity of 300.000 cars and employs more than 10.000 people.

ABS has supplied a number of submersible wastewater pumps from the AFP range used for reliable and economic pumping of wastewater in industrial applications.

The AFP pumps are mainly used to transport all the wastewater within the Shanghai Volkswagen plant. In addition, the AFP pumps are also used in a special application where the performance of the test cars is measured. The pumps supply the water for simulating the different thickness of water film on the road during the road holding test of the car.

This order is further proof that ABS’ broad range of pumps, mixers and aerators brings the optimal lifetime solution for every application.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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