Sulzer Invests in the U.S. Water Industry to Enable Efficient Water Infrastructure from Coast to Coast

Sulzer is expanding its water business in the USA: this September it commissioned operations in Portland, Oregon, where it is assembling and testing large water pumps.
Sulzer Invests in the U.S. Water Industry to Enable Efficient Water Infrastructure from Coast to Coast

(Image source: Sulzer Ltd.)

Earlier this year, the company also shared news of the ongoing expansion of its manufacturing site in Easley, South Carolina. U.S. manufacture of critical pumps and water treatment equipment will provide additional employment in the local supply chain in support of the U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Clean and affordable water is vital to physical well-being and is also crucial for industry, economic growth, hydropower, agriculture and flood control all growing concerns in the U.S. and worldwide. In support of planned water and wastewater infrastructure development in the U.S., Sulzer is expanding its America-based water business, where it has committed to an additional CHF 10+ million for product manufacturing and testing.

Boasting one of the largest pump-testing basins in North America, the Portland facility signals Sulzer's unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, reliability and efficiency. Assembly at the Easley site will be extended with new product lines including high-efficiency wastewater pumps. In tandem with the two facility expansions, Sulzer is also strategically strengthening its U.S. supply chain across its portfolio of U.S. assembled products to provide lead time improvements and comply with Build America Buy America (BABA) funding requirements.

Sulzer’s Flow Equipment Division President Jan Lueder said, “We are always keen to invest in growth markets where we see clear demand for our products and services. These significant investments strengthen Sulzer's position in the U.S. water industry and confirm our intent to continue driving transformative advancements in the water sector.”

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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