ABS Launches New Lifting Stations


ABS is pleased to announce the introduction of the new NIROLIFT and SANISETT 1-2 to its existing range of lifting stations. These new lifting stations can be used with a choice of standard pumps from the ROBUSTA, CORONADA, MF and PIRANHA 08/09 ranges...

ABS Launches New Lifting Stations

NIROLIFT and SANISETT by ABS (photo: ABS Group).

... thereby offering a wide choice of installation and operating possibilities.

Key benefits of NIROLIFT and SANISETT 1-2 include:

  • Corrosion resistant synthetic tank
  • Wide choice of pumps from standard range
  • Globular tank design for extra strength
  • Adjustable tank height
  • Easy transport and installation
  • The ABS LIFTING STATION NIROLIFT and SANISETT 1-2 have been designed as a complete installation unit suitable for ABS submersible pumps, for simple and speedy dewatering of buildings and areas below the sewer level, and suitable for pumping wastewater.

    They are also suitable as a floor drain. NIROLIFT and SANISETT 1-2 are universally adjustable in height and can be swivelled, thus allowing easy alignment with floor levels and tiling patterns, independent of the inflow or discharge line directions.

    Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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