ABS Launches a New Range of Control Panels


Striving for simplicity and ready to use solutions, the ABS control and monitoring department has focused on developing a new range of ABS control panels for wastewater applications.

Making use of the in house expertice in pumping technology and control & monitoring solutions, ABS now proudly presents a standardized range of control panels.

The new range of control panels address a range of know problems in sewage pumping stations as well as the collection network, resulting in lower investment and maintenance costs.

The new control panel range fits well in the role of ABS being a solution provider.

“We want to make life easier for the customer by introducing controllers with a plug’n play fnctionalities. Our intent is to present an alternative to the market that helps the customer to make better use of internal resources - both financial and human”, says Thomas Wängberg, President and CEO, ABS Group.

The control panels are mapped exactly to a specific pumping station application resulting in the customer not needing to have the internal competence of how to program and configure the controller. The optimal performance of the purpose-built control panels helps avoid unnecessary down time, over flows etc. Along with the low maintenance requirements, the ABS control panels help support the customer in reducing the operational costs of the complete collection network.

New control panels

  • ABS control panel CP 112 & 212

    For domestic and pressurized pumping stations

  • ABS control panel CP 116 & 216

    For pressurized pumping stations and small municipal pumping stations

Existing controllers with improved functionality

  • ABS basic pump controller PC 211

    Basic 1-2 pump controller for domestic and pressurized stations

  • ABS advanced pump controller PC 242

    Advanced 1-2 pump controllers for pressurized stations and standard municipal stations

  • ABS equipment controller PCx

    Equipment controller for engineered stations

About ABS Group

ABS Group is a global solution provider in wastewater technology with a complete product portfolio of pumps, mixers, aerators, compressors, control and monitoring equipment, and services. ABS also offers pumps and rental services for the dewatering market. ABS Group, with 1.800 employees and a turnover of 300 MEUR (2.7 billion SEK) in 2007, is present in more than 100 countries and has more than 32 subsidiaries. ABS Group is part of the Cardo group which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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