ABS Interim Report: January – June 2002


Invoiced sales amounted to 165 MEUR (145), which adjusted for the effects of exchange rate movements is a rise of 14 percent. Company acquisitions account for 8 percentage points of this figure. Operating earnings rose to 9.1 MEUR (8.0).

The inflow of orders rose by 3 percent for the current structure after adjustment for the effects of exchange rate movements.

In water and wastewater, which is ABS biggest segment, demand increased compared with the corresponding period the previous year. In the building services segment, demand has stabilised after the downward trend during most of 2001. Demand from the process industry was on a par with the previous year.

ABS continues to expand in Asia; and orders received during the second quarter included one worth 0.7 MEUR for process pumps and mixers for a paper mill in Indonesia and one for 7 big water and wastewater pumps and 48 mixers for a new treatment plant in Nanjing in China.

In Chile, 300 process pumps were sold to one of the world's biggest forest companies. In Holland, two major contracts were signed, worth a total of 1.04 MEUR, relating to the delivery of pumping stations for wastewater systems. Nopon, which was acquired in January, secured orders that included one worth 0.9 MEUR and 0.5 MEUR respectively for fine-bubble aeration systems for a Spanish wastewater treatment plant and for a mechanical aeration system for an industrial wastewater treatment plant in South Africa.

About ABS

ABS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps, mixers and aerators specialising in Water & Wastewater, General Industry, Pulp & Paper and Building Services. The extensive world-wide sales and service companies operate in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Exchanges rates from SEK to EUR: 9.10986 (2002) and 9.16726 (2001)

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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