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The Grundfos Foundation Sponsors INTO DUST

26.08.2021 -

The Grundfos Foundation is proud to partner with Academy Award-winning film director, Orlando von Einsiedel to present INTO DUST. This scripted film is based on a true and important story that brings attention to the value of water by celebrating those who work relentlessly to secure the necessary solutions.

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  • Grundfos SCALA1 With Intelligent Pump Control

    24.08.2021 -

    As homeowners increasingly look to digitalisation to make their living space easier, more comfortable and more efficient, Grundfos announced the launch of SCALA1 in Malaysia. This innovative water booster pump offers intelligent connectivity that allows control over your home water systems, right from your smartphone.

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    Wilo: Together for More Climate Protection

    13.08.2021 -

    Electricity plays a fundamental role in the development of the sub-Saharan Africa region: water treatment, cooling chains, electricity, internet – and all of it seamlessly and securely. The social enterprise Africa GreenTec is now taking a big step in this direction by introducing so-called ImpactSites.

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    Wilo is a Partner of Wasserstoff-Hanse

    11.08.2021 -

    In the fight against climate change, it is important to explore new ways. However, sometimes part of the solution can be found in existing collaborations. This is the thinking behind “Wasserstoff-Hanse” [Hanseatic Hydrogen], an initiative of the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the EUREF Energy Innovation (EEI), which was launched in Rostock on 5 August in the presence of prominent businesspeople and politicians.

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    A Route to Purchasing New and Better Pumps

    09.08.2021 -

    There has been an explosion of online pump knowledge. For example, with the search engine one can enter a pump type or industry and view many feature articles and news stories. The challenge is to leverage this knowledge resource into what could be called an Industrial Internet of Pump Wisdom.

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    Water Industry “Shifting to Outcome-Based Strategy”

    27.07.2021 -

    The water sector is moving towards an outcome-focused approach to the way it plans and invests in environmental solutions. That is the view of Phil Higgins, Jacobs head of water, UK & Ireland, who took part in the latest Talking on Water thought-leadership conversation with British Water chief executive Lila Thompson.

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    Isle: Public Debate on Water Pollutions in the UK “Oversimplified”

    22.07.2021 -

    The rise of citizen science is placing increasing pressure on water companies to improve their environmental performance and protect river and bathing water quality. The water sector must get better at communicating the challenges of tackling pollution and why there is an urgent need for better collaboration between utilities, government bodies, regulators and customers.

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