ABS Launches New Pump in PIRANHA® Family


ABS is pleased to announce the addition of the PIRANHA® 09 to the PIRANHA® pump family. Based on the highly successful PIRANHA® 08, the new PIRANHA® 09 offers increased performance, by incorporating a hardened steel shredding system and cast iron impeller.

ABS Launches New Pump in PIRANHA® Family

The PIRANHA® 09 is available in both single and three phase versions in 50Hz and 60Hz.The unit incorporates the existing well proven PIRANHA® technology and is ideal for the pumping of domestic sewage and effluent. A control box is not necessary because of a capacitor in the case of single phase pumps, and a relay in the case of three phase pumps located in the upper lid. Simply plug in the pump and it can run automatically with start and stop controlled by a float switch wired into the upper lid.

The PIRANHA® 09 is among the most competitive pumps available on the market.

Key benefits of PIRANHA® 09 include:

  • Maximum pumping head of 22m for 50Hz models, or 32m / 105 ft for 60Hz models
  • Greater flow
  • Increased shredding capability
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with existing installations
  • Proven technology
  • Simple installation

The PIRANHA® submersible pumps have been designed for effective and economical dewatering tasks using discharge lines of small diameter in private areas .

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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