ABS Strong Partner in Construction Site Dewatering


Dewatering is one of the key areas in the new ABS strategy, in which ABS moves its focus from being a pump supplier to offering more of the company’s extensive dewatering application know-how. This new focus means increased availability, expanded product portfolio and a further developed service and rental concept.

“We are already today a strong partner in this segment and by introducing a new targeted dewatering organization, we intend to continue to grow our presence in the market, offer our broad application knowledge and professional services combined with a very high availability,” says Philip Schwarz, Business Segment Manager for the Dewatering business within ABS Group.

Already today ABS has a very strong position in the market, especially in Europe with close to 100 rental depots. Subsidaries in 40 countries and distributors in more than 100 countries all over the world, make sure that ABS customers always can find the products they need where and when they need it.

”All standard dewatering products and spares are shipped from a hub in Europe within 48 hours. Speedy delivery is a key factor for our customers,” says Schwarz. ”Fast dewatering of a worksite is critical. With close relationship with the users, we optimize the solution for every application.” ABS dewatering products outside the standard assortment are shipped within three weeks after ordering.

“We are committed to solve our customers’ dewatering problems, either by selling solutions directly to the user or by offering rental solutions”, says Schwarz. Several large projects around Europe depend on ABS for their transportation of unwanted water.

  • Götatunneln in Gothenburg, Sweden. A 1.5 km long tunnel is being excavated to create a safer, quicker and more efficient passage for one of the busiest thoroughfares in Gothenburg. ABS provides the project with a large number of rental ABS submersible drainage pumps
  • Subway projects in Seville and Madrid, Spain. The Seville project is almost finished and 50 ABS pumps have been in use during the construction. In Madrid, a new subway project has just started up. In the initial phase 60 pumps are rented out, and in the future more than 200 ABS pumps will in use.

“The combination of flexibility, reliability and extensive service are vital for rental projects of this size”, says Schwarz.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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