The Upgraded ABS Robusta Light Drainage Pump


ABS is pleased to introduce an upgrade of the ABS Robusta light drainage pump. This sturdy pump for pumping clear and wastewater in domestic applications is now fit to pump down to water levels as low as 3 mm.

The Upgraded ABS Robusta Light Drainage Pump

ABS Robusta Light Drainage Pump

The new ABS Robusta light drainage pump, incorporating the same successful features from its forerunner, has been upgraded with new features that considerably improves its capability and reliability. The integrated check valve is built into the discharge line to prevent backflow when the pump is switched off. The pump and motor section form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit for highest reliability. For trouble-free operation, the motor housing is constructed from corrosion resistant material and the new suction ring has reduced the lowest pumping levels to 3 mm.

Key product benefits of the improved ABS Robusta light drainage pump are:

  • - The unit comes fully wired and is ready to plug in for high convenience.
  • - The detachable suction ring allows low level pumping (3mm) for extended usage.
  • - Built in checkvalve in discharge for reliable operation
  • - Hose adaptor for great flexiblility
  • - Separate seal chamber for trouble-free opration
  • - Robust approved motor for high efficiency
  • - Integrated automatic level control with Hand-Auto switch for safe operation
  • - Compact design suitable for small sumps (from 300 mm x 300 mm)

About ABS

ABS Group is a global solution provider in wastewater technology with a complete product portfolio of pumps, mixers, aerators, compressors, control and monitoring equipment, and services. ABS also offers pumps and rental services for the dewatering market. ABS Group, with 1.800 employees and a turnover of 300 MEUR (2.7 billion SEK) in 2007, is present in more than 100 countries and has more than 32 subsidiaries. ABS Group is part of the Cardo group which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Source: Sulzer Ltd.

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