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Pump manufacturer

01.03.2024: Grundfos Announces Strong 2023 Results and Delivers on Sustainability Ambitions

04.07.2023: Grundfos Acquires Metasphere to Pioneer Solutions to the World’s Water and Climate Challenges

07.06.2022: Grundfos inks MoU with Ngee Ann Polytechnic

23.03.2022: Grundfos Announces 2021 Results with Record Sales and Earnings

16.12.2021: Grundfos Launches Largest CR Pump

10.12.2021: Grundfos Partners with Singapore Polytechnic to Develop Smart Sustainable Solutions for Industries

29.11.2021: Grundfos Brings Efficient Pumping Solutions to Nereda Wastewater Customers

02.11.2021: Grundfos Introduces New Groundwater Pump Controller to Advance Asia Pacific’s Smart Agriculture Future

20.10.2021: Grundfos launches intelligent Distributed Pumping System in Thailand

01.10.2021: New SQFlex Large from Grundfos Brings Sustainable Pumping Solutions to Asia Pacific’s Agricultural Industries

22.09.2021: Grundfos Enters into Agreement to Acquire Leading Water Technology Company MECO

10.09.2021: Grundfos Announces Strongest Half-Year Results in Company History

26.08.2021: The Grundfos Foundation Sponsors INTO DUST

24.08.2021: Grundfos SCALA1 With Intelligent Pump Control

20.07.2021: Grundfos Partners with Barghest Building Performance

12.05.2021: Grundfos Endorses the Use of High Efficiency IE5 Motors and Pump Solutions Globally

17.03.2021: Grundfos Delivers Strong Financial Performance in 2020

29.01.2021: Grundfos Launches Energy Savings Program for Thai Businesses

12.11.2020: Grundfos Launches Smart App in the Philippines for Fast, Efficient Water Infrastructure Service

28.10.2020: Grundfos appoints Poul Due Jensen as new CEO

29.09.2020: New Grundfos Museum Displays 75 Years of industrial history

28.09.2020: Grundfos Announces Organisational Changes to Improve Customer Proximity and Fuel Innovation

21.09.2020: Grundfos Foundation donates funds to Aksi Cepat Tanggap to keep Indonesian health workers safe

15.09.2020: Mads Nipper Resigns as CEO of Grundfos

11.09.2020: Cognizant and Grundfos Join Hands to Restore Sembakkam Lake

02.09.2020: Satisfactory financial performance despite the COVID-19 pandemic

24.08.2020: Prefabricated Pumping Stations to Help the Philippine’s Flood and Wastewater Management Efforts

23.06.2020: Grundfos proceeds to acquire Eurowater

16.06.2020: Grundfos sponsors children’s book to help little ones through crisis

11.05.2020: Grundfos ready to support healthcare system

30.03.2020: Poul Due Jensen Foundation to donate 200m DKK, help fight COVID-19

13.03.2020: Record results in Grundfos strengthens foundation for the future

24.02.2020: Grundfos and Augury sign strategic partnership to bring intelligent, sustainable water solutions to the market

30.01.2020: Grundfos inaugurates digital lab in Asia-Pacific to boost adoption of intelligent water solutions

27.01.2020: Grundfos’ New Cloud-Based Service App to Reduce Downtime for Thailand’s Critical Infrastructure

16.01.2020: Global Innovation Award for Sustainable Water Solutions

13.01.2020: Grundfos Philippines Appoints new General Manager

09.01.2020: Grundfos’ new Cooling Solution Aims to Halve Malaysia’s Energy use from Air Conditioning

13.12.2019: Grundfos Thailand Appoints New General Manager

12.12.2019: Solar-Powered Safe Water for 200,000 in Western Tanzania

05.12.2019: Grundfos’ New Service App to Reduce Downtime for Malaysia’s Critical Pumping Infrastructure

24.09.2019: Grundfos Launches Distributed Pumping System to meet Asia’s Sustainable Cooling Needs

16.09.2019: Grundfos Reports Half-Year Result 2019 – Continued Profitable Growth In An Increasingly Challenging Global Market

12.09.2019: PT. Grundfos Pompa Inaugurates Its Branch Office in Surabaya, Indonesia

01.04.2019: Grundfos Awarded Global Company of the Year

28.03.2019: Grundfos Presents iSolutions Range to Meet Taiwan’s Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Needs

13.03.2019: Grundfos Gains Further Global Market Share and Delivers High Sales in 2018

11.02.2019: Grundfos Honoured As Top Best Supplier by Taiwan’s M-Team for Third Consecutive Year

10.01.2019: Hideo Shirakawa Appointed as New Area Managing Director of East Asia for Grundfos

12.12.2018: Grundfos Collaborates with Cambodia to Improve Water Security

05.12.2018: Grundfos Launches Innovative Pumping Solution to Aid Malaysia’s Flood Management Efforts

30.11.2018: Behind the Scenes at the Elbphilharmonie

09.11.2018: New Executive Director for the Poul Due Jensen Foundation

12.09.2018: Grundfos Reports Half Year Result

15.08.2018: Grundfos Singapore Appoints New Country Manager

09.08.2018: PUB and Grundfos to Jointly Develop Sustainable Water Technologies

03.08.2018: Grundfos Forum Now Open to the World Through a Virtual Conference

25.07.2018: Grundfos Launches New CR Product Achieving New Efficiency Heights for Multi-Stage in-Line Pumps

05.07.2018: Grundfos Appoints new Regional Business Director for Building Services in Asia-Pacific

14.06.2018: China’s Sponge City Initiatives Can Achieve New Heights with an Innovative, Adaptive and Inclusive Approach, Says Industry Experts

05.02.2018: Grundfos Introduces Efficient Motor with an IE5 Rating

25.01.2018: Grundfos Appoints New Head for Asia Pacific Region

04.01.2017: Grundfos Appoints New Head of Global Quality

13.11.2015: Miura And Grundfos Have Entered Into a Global Framework Agreement

19.10.2015: Grundfos: Sanitation Plan Rescues the Beaches of Montevideo

18.09.2015: Grundfos: Careful Treatment Gives Clean Water

09.09.2015: Grundfos Doubles the Profitability and Holds the Course

24.08.2015: Grundfos Pumps Are Quiet Enough for Wimbledon

14.08.2015: Volkswagen Reaches for Significant Energy Savings

27.07.2015: Grundfos Announces Stéphane Simonetta as New Executive Vice President and Head of Operations

15.07.2015: Gearing for Growth in the Asia Pacific

13.07.2015: Public and Private Partners Shape Nairobi’s Water Future

05.06.2015: Super Microscope Demands Steady Pumps from Grundfos

20.05.2015: Grundfos Launches New Extended Range of SP Submersible Pumps

06.05.2015: Grundfos Appoints Regional Director for Strategy, Commercial Excellence and Marketing

30.04.2015: Grundfos: Salty River on Crete Turned into Drinking Water

16.04.2015: Grundfos Keeps Floods at Bay in Indonesia

20.03.2015: Grundfos: Partnership with Budějovický Budvar brewery

04.03.2015: Grundfos Goes Industrial Ethernet

25.02.2015: Extended SP Submersible Pump Range Sets New Standards

05.01.2015: Sludge Cleans Waste Water in Singapore

12.12.2014: Grundfos Awarded S$1.4 Million Government Grant for Wastewater

18.11.2014: Grundfos Oxiperm Pro Disinfection Units Receive Drinking Water Approval

06.11.2014: Grundfos Enables Readiness of Machine Tools for Global Market

17.10.2014: Grundfos Teams Up With Nongovernmental Organization to Provide Clean Water

18.09.2014: New Grundfos Chief for Asia Pacific

09.09.2014: Continuous Growth at Grundfos

01.08.2014: Innovative Technology Helps Dairy-giant in Swedish Idyll

04.07.2014: Grundfos: Looking for the answer in the ground

11.06.2014: Grundfos and PUB to Collaborate on Water Technologies and Solutions

06.06.2014: Grundfos Unveils a Complete Range of Axial-flow Propeller Pumps

30.05.2014: Grundofs Introduces Optimised Water Solutions for Water Supply, Water Treatment and Flood Control

27.05.2014: Grundfos Helps Flood Victims in the Balkans

22.05.2014: Grundfos: The Joint Heating Plant Wins Heat Pump Award

19.05.2014: Denmark’s Biggest Hospital Focuses on Sustainability

10.04.2014: Understanding IEC Standards and Wastewater Pump Motor Efficiencies

04.04.2014: Grundfos Appoints New CEO and Group President

24.03.2014: Annual Result 2013: Growth and Profit at Grundfos

06.03.2014: The Ribbon Was Cut Twice in Pakistan

28.02.2014: Grundfos Hires New Chief Financial Officer

27.01.2014: The Poul Due Jensen Foundation Appoints an Executive Director

04.12.2013: New Project Extracts Phosphorus from Waste Water

29.11.2013: Celebrating a Milestone Where It All Began

07.11.2013: Norwegians Close Deal With Innovative Fire Fighters

14.10.2013: New Hungarian Factory Adds to the Palette

02.10.2013: Grundfos Acquires Italian Water Disinfection Company

04.07.2013: Grundfos and Peerless Pump Brand Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

26.06.2013: Grundfos Helps Flood Victims

20.06.2013: Water and Light Makes Vehicles Stop

17.06.2013: New Facility Opened in the Philippines

10.06.2013: Grundfos Opens New Factory in Serbia

24.04.2013: New Headquarters in Chicago Strengthens North American Continuous Growth

18.04.2013: Grundfos Complements Magna3 Program

17.04.2013: Grundfos Company Inaugurated in Colombia

15.04.2013: Hyflux and Grundfos Enter Strategic Partnership

12.04.2013: Entry-level Grundfos Alpha1 with Display

10.04.2013: Grundfos Presents Intelligent In-line Pump TPE3

04.04.2013: Grundfos Unveils Ultra-efficient Pump Motors

02.04.2013: Grundfos Provides Equipment to Kubratovo WWTP

26.03.2013: Heine Dalsgaard Has Decided to Seek New Challenges

08.03.2013: Grundfos Continues to Grow

20.02.2013: Grundfos Opens One of the Largest Water Conservation Projects in the USA

14.02.2013: Two Paths to the Same Destination

13.02.2013: Technical Article: Energy Saving Potential for Mixing of Horizontal Flow Systems

11.02.2013: Act Now Flies the Nest

17.01.2013: New Green Product Delivers More Water to Remote Areas

07.01.2013: Grundfos Wins Excellence Award for Process Management

29.11.2012: Carsten Bjerg Chosen As Leader of the Year in Denmark

09.11.2012: New Pumps Save Millions At Sea

11.10.2012: Grundfos: Magna3 Wins the Danish Design Award

05.10.2012: No Need for Compromise When Pumping Wastewater

10.09.2012: Grundfos: Online Monitoring and Management of Your Pumping Systems

30.08.2012: Grundfos Opens New Innovation Office in Silicon Valley

27.08.2012: Vitens and Grundfos Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement

10.08.2012: Grundfos: New Circulator Pump Magna3

12.07.2012: New Grundfos Multilift Lifting Station

26.06.2012: Grundfos Lifelink Wins Global Award at Rio+20

11.06.2012: Grundfos Purchases American Technology Company Enaqua

30.05.2012: Grundfos Best in Productivity

11.05.2012: No Compromise When Pumping Wastewater

21.03.2012: Grundfos Will Become an Apple Dealer

16.03.2012: Kenya Fights Climate Change with Danish Water Technology

15.02.2012: Grundfos Introduces New Circulator Pump

20.01.2012: Grundfos and Handball – the Perfect Blend

11.01.2012: New OEM Product Gets More Out of the ALPHA2 Brain

21.12.2011: New Fieldbus Concept Offers Flexible and Secure Communication With Grundfos Pumps

10.11.2011: Grundfos BioBooster Solves Norwegian Challenge

03.11.2011: EFQM Prize for Grundfos in Germany

25.10.2011: Pump Solutions for VW in China

14.10.2011: Two CSR Awards for Grundfos

13.10.2011: Grundfos Remote Management Has Been Launched in 45 Countries

09.09.2011: Global Position Ensures Positive Half-year Result for Grundfos

12.07.2011: Two New Members of the Grundfos Group Board of Directors

07.07.2011: Grundfos Stormwater tanks – Helping Reduce the Impact of Excess Runoff and Contaminants

06.06.2011: Grundfos USA Reduces Its Own Water Footprint

26.05.2011: Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority Solves Off-gassing Problem with Grundfos Smart Digital

19.01.2011: Schoolchildren in Haiti to get € 30,000

06.01.2011: Peter Roepke New Member of Group Management

08.11.2010: Grundfos Student Award 2010 for New Solutions in CSR

05.10.2010: Grundfos Prize for Applied Research

28.09.2010: Best Practice in Pumps for WFI Systems

08.07.2010: Grundfos: Develop a Taste for Speed-Controlled Pumps

06.05.2010: Stability and Common Sense Send Grundfos to South Africa

26.03.2010: Grundfos’ Negative Net Balance Has Been Reduced Considerably

05.03.2010: SGS Chose Grundfos as Favourite Supplier

18.02.2010: Commercial Breakthrough for New Grundfos Company

05.02.2010: Burj Khalifa: A Towering Achievment

28.01.2010: Grundfos Pumps Secures Clean Water for Thousands of People in Haiti

06.01.2010: Co-operation Between Deutsche Bahn Services and Grundfos

15.12.2009: Award for Grundfos for Cleaner Diesel Smoke

09.12.2009: Grundfos Gets Closer to Important Egyptian Market

19.11.2009: One Million ALPHA2 Pumps

05.11.2009: Grundfos Student Prize 2009 for Business and Technology Project

08.10.2009: New Member of Group Board

02.10.2009: Efficient Water Disinfection with Oxiperm Pro Chlorine Dioxide Generators

14.09.2009: Effective Drinking Water Disinfection

07.07.2009: New Grundfos Sales Companies in the Balkans

29.06.2009: 100 Villages

24.06.2009: Grundfos Supplier Award 2008 to London-based Company

14.04.2009: The Grundfos & Keep Australia Beautiful Partnership

31.03.2009: Grundfos Had Continued Growth in 2008 – But the Financial Crisis Has Left Its Mark

13.03.2009: Grundfos BioBooster

14.01.2009: Turning Domestic Wastewater Into Irrigation Water with Grundfos BioBooster

09.01.2009: Dosing Accuracy Is Maintained, Despite Fluctuating System Pressure

08.01.2009: Giant Keeps Fire at Bay

19.12.2008: Grundfos Acquires Yeomans Chicago Corporation

29.10.2008: Increasing Energy Consumption in the Water Sector

28.10.2008: News from Grundfos Biobooster

09.10.2008: The Grundfos Prize for Female Professor

25.09.2008: Grundfos Alldos Asisst in Raising £16,000 for WaterAid

12.09.2008: Grundfos Making Massive Investments in Serbia

18.07.2008: Grundfos at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing

13.06.2008: Grundfos at Expo Zaragoza 2008

18.03.2008: Grundfos Exceeds Sales Budget & Increases Ambitions for the Future

21.02.2008: Record Grundfos Investment in Mexico

21.12.2007: Multi-Function Valve

07.12.2007: Grundfos Group Chairman Receives American Design Award

28.11.2007: New Regional Managing Director for Grundfos North America

23.11.2007: Danish Company Receives Prestigious European Environmental Award

08.11.2007: 45 Nations Meet in Cyberspace

25.09.2007: Grundfos Appoints CFO

19.09.2007: A Unique Book Launched As Definitive Guide To Pool Water Chemistry

18.09.2007: Grundfos Opens Competence Centre In Hungary

10.09.2007: Grundfos Sets New Agenda In Second Life

23.08.2007: New Managing Director in Grundfos A/S

23.08.2007: Continued Strong Sales And Earnings Growth At Grundfos

12.07.2007: Grundfos Appoints New Member of Group Management

12.07.2007: Grundfos Rewarded For High Quality

17.04.2007: Grundfos builds wastewater pump factory in China

05.04.2007: Grundfos Achieves Record Turnover and Profit Five Years in Succession

05.04.2007: Carsten Bjerg is new Group President of Grundfos

19.12.2006: Grundfos Acquires British Watermill Products

17.11.2006: Early Change of Group President

08.11.2006: Grundfos Wins the Prestigious EFQM Award

13.09.2006: Grundfos Interim Results

01.07.2006: Grundfos Acquires Swedish Pump Pit Manufacturer

17.05.2006: Grundfos in Germany will Unite

24.03.2006: Grundfos in 2005

08.02.2006: Grundfos Italy on a Winning Course Behind the Scenes

18.01.2006: Grundfos with New Company in Romania

11.01.2006: Grundfos to Buy American Pump Manufacturer

04.11.2005: Grundfos Buys Brisan Turbo of South Africa

27.09.2005: Grundfos Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts

27.09.2005: Grundfos Invests in Turkey

23.09.2005: New Grundfos Multistage Pumps with Integrated Variable Speed Drive

16.08.2005: Continued Growth at Grundfos

01.08.2005: Bunny Hill Boosted by Grundfos Pumps

07.06.2005: Grundfos Supplier Award

27.05.2005: Grundfos Opens Factory in Russian Growth Market

05.04.2005: Grundfos Opens Factory in India

05.04.2005: Grundfos Honoured for Best Environmental Report

21.03.2005: Stine Bosse Joins Grundfos Group Board of Directors

21.03.2005: Grundfos Makes Annual Profit of 10.2% of Turnover

01.02.2005: UK Business Award for Grundfos

18.01.2005: Grundfos Takes Over Italian Submersible Motor Producer

05.01.2005: Grundfos Purchases Leading Dosing Pump Manufacturer

30.11.2004: Sololift+ – Full Range of Domestic Lifting Stations

08.11.2004: Grundfos Pumps Keep the French National Assembly Dry

13.08.2004: Grundfos Record Sales Continue to Grow

02.06.2004: Grundfos Reduces Work Accidents

18.05.2004: The Grundfos Prize 2004 Goes to Renowned Danish Scientist

13.05.2004: Grundfos Group Opens Sales Office in the Ukraine

11.05.2004: Grundfos Invests in Agricultural Technology

01.04.2004: Grundfos Partners with Quality Service Contractors

25.03.2004: In other words … Grundfos introduces English Language Handbook

18.03.2004: Grundfos Strengthens its Position With Billion Earnings

18.03.2004: Grundfos Honoured with International Design Award

26.02.2004: Grundfos Pumps in Algeria

30.01.2004: New President of Grundfos´ US Manufacturing Company

12.01.2004: Grundfos Acquires German Pump Manufacturer

24.11.2003: Grundfos Receives Danish Management Prize

10.11.2003: Grundfos SQFlex Receives Danish Design Award

21.10.2003: Grundfos Main Sponsor of TEAM DANMARK

14.10.2003: Grundfos Wins European Quality Prize

30.09.2003: Grundfos Supplier Award for Finnish Company

15.08.2003: Grundfos Notes Positive First Half of 2003 With Strong Growth in Earnings

13.08.2003: Improved Effluent and Sewage Pumps

13.08.2003: Grundfos Indonesia wins E-Company Awards

04.08.2003: Grundfos Finalist in the European Quality Award

23.07.2003: New President of Grundfos´ U.S. Sales Company

23.07.2003: Iraq Orders for Grundfos

24.06.2003: Certificate for Management of Grundfos Factory

21.05.2003: Grundfos Awards Danish Scientists

11.04.2003: Grundfos Comfort Series Instant Hot Water System Secures ANSI/NSF And IAPMO Safety Approvals

08.04.2003: 250 Grundfos production staff face redundancies

01.04.2003: Grundfos Introduces Industrial Production of Microchips in Denmark

18.03.2003: Polish honour for Niels Due Jensen

17.03.2003: Grundfos acquires Mark Peerless

12.03.2003: Foresight paid off for Grundfos

05.11.2002: Grundfos acquires new product range

01.11.2002: Grundfos awarded for the best environmental report

09.10.2002: Changes in Grundfos´ Group Management

27.09.2002: Sustainable Grundfos Pump Awarded

17.09.2002: Grundfos Student Prize 2002 awarded to French science student

06.09.2002: Australia – Membrane sewage system good for Great Barrier Reef

30.08.2002: Production of stators for submersible motors will be transferred to factory in Hungary

30.08.2002: Bulgaria – 4300 E-pumps for huge heating project

29.08.2002: Australia – Grundfos pumps selected for crocodile tourist facility

15.08.2002: Grundfos introduces policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

09.08.2002: 3600 Grundfos-employees in Denmark get new CEO

02.08.2002: Australia – first on track in large-scale railway project

27.06.2002: Niels Due Jensen retires from his position as CEO and Group President

27.06.2002: Grundfos environmental efforts pay off

12.06.2002: First move into Indian mining industry

29.05.2002: Grundfos Prize for young Danish scientist

29.05.2002: Grundfos contributes to cleaning diesel gas

29.05.2002: Grundfos enters the market for mixers and flowmakers

29.05.2002: Grundfos supplier award 2001

30.04.2002: Grundfos Pumps North America Presents Joseph M. DiFrancesco, III of Public Service Plumbers First Water Innovation Award

30.04.2002: The Annual Result for the Grundfos Group 2001

30.04.2002: Grundfos Expands Line of Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

12.04.2002: New Grundfos building opened in Argentina

12.04.2002: Staff reductions at Grundfos

19.03.2002: Grundfos Instant Hot Water System Helps Homeowners Conserve Water

13.03.2002: Grundfos takes over South Korean pump manufacturer

08.03.2002: Sweden – Highly flexible air-conditioning system for Landvetter Airport

22.02.2002: Honest reports result in prize

18.01.2002: Grundfos: Success with property renovation in Russia

18.01.2002: Grundfos Acquires Indian Software Company

03.01.2002: Grundfos to produce mircrosensors

11.12.2001: Grundfos Wins 2001 California Team Excellence Award

29.10.2001: New Grundfos prize to stimulate research

11.10.2001: Grundfos establishing micro-sensor production

11.10.2001: Grundfos MAGNA – the first of its kind in the world

11.09.2001: Grundfos opening sheltered workshop in Hungary

28.08.2001: Grundfos SQ submersible pumps – setting new standards for endurance

28.08.2001: New member of Grundfos Group Management

03.08.2001: Diploma for Grundfos´ titanium pump

23.07.2001: Comfort Ensured in New Zealand Airport

26.06.2001: Grundfos Offer Fire Protection

22.06.2001: Grundfos approaches the middle of US

22.06.2001: Pump control via mobile phone is coming

12.06.2001: New Grundfos CR – supplying water and boosting pressure

30.05.2001: Year 2000 one of the best years ever in the history of the Grundfos Group

12.04.2001: Grundfos´ brand with new design and concept

21.03.2001: Grundfos at the ISH Fair

20.03.2001: Grundfos Applauds Landmark Water Conservation Bill For California Residents

07.03.2001: Water for the Dome

20.02.2001: Grundfos: Digital Dosing™ is here

12.01.2001: New sales companies in the Baltic States

12.01.2001: Japanese design award for SQ

14.11.2000: Precious water in focus at international water conference

10.11.2000: Grundfos takes over Italian motor production

13.10.2000: Grundfos Inaugurated Factory in Hungary

12.10.2000: Grundfos Received Certificate of Working Environment

21.09.2000: Grundfos: Lives depend on CHI pumps

14.09.2000: Grundfos award for Student Project 2000

18.08.2000: The New Wincaps 7.0 Computer Aided Product Selection Software

12.04.2000: Sarlin Pumps purchased by Grundfos

26.03.2000: Grundfos purchased Swedish service company