Peter Roepke New Member of Group Management


Group Senior Vice President for Business and Technology Development, Peter Roepke, is appointed member of Group Management.

Peter Roepke New Member of Group Management

Peter Roepke (Photo: Grundfos)

Peter Roepke started up with Grundfos in early summer 2010 as GSVP for Business and Technology Development. On 1 January 2011 he will be appointed member of Group Management, which now consists of Heine Dalsgaard (Corp. Finance), Soren Sorensen (Sales & Marketing), Lars Aagaard (Production & Logistics), and Carsten Bjerg (Group President and CEO).

Peter Roepke has held a similar responsibility from his previous position with Nokia where, through a number of years, he held various management positions, most recently the global responsibility for the development of Nokia’s mobile phones.

"Peter has in a short time shown that he is able to orchestrate our business development and I am confident that he will strengthen this vital area for us. This is where we are going to find the new technologies and products needed to maintain our position as a leading global pump producer. I am looking forward to utilising his competence in Group Management", said Carsten Bjerg, Group President and CEO of Grundfos.

Peter Roepke holds an MSc Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU, 1992) From 1992 to 1994 he worked for Olivetti. In 1994 he came to Nokia and until 2008 he held various management positions in Nokia Denmark. In 2008 he took over the global responsibility for the development of Nokia’s mobile phones. Apart from Denmark, he has worked in different countries, e.g. Finland, Germany, and China. Peter was born and raised in Rødovre, Denmark. He is married to Rikke and they have three children.

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