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By Niels Due Jensen, Grundfos Group President

Pretty soon our employees will see Grundfos´ brand or logo being replaced. From now on we will be writing the Grundfos name in a more modern and distinctive typeface, and we will also be simplifying the Archimedes screw to make it stand out as a clearer and easily recognisable symbol for Grundfos. All this will occur as one of several visible moves indicating that we are adopting a new business concept - a concept that aims to strengthen Grundfos´ identity as "the Brand" when it comes to pumps and pump systems

But why? Wasn't the old logo good enough? And what difference does it make to change the typeface and adjust the blue a bit to make it slightly darker?

These questions are bound to be the first things that come to your mind as an employee.

Let me say first off that this is not just some fancy new marketing campaign, or a project that will after a while be given lower priority and eventually forgotten.

The aim of this project, which a group of leading employees has been working on for the past eighteen months, is for Grundfos to be able to consolidate and develop its position as the world's leading pump company - leading in more than one sense - and leading understood as absolutely the fastest growing and most successful pump company ever.

Branding is about:

communicating the full story of Grundfos to all the company's partners or stakeholders, and making sure they really understand and appreciate what Grundfos is all about

our employees understanding and appreciating our values, and being proud to work at Grundfos

potential future employees choosing to work at Grundfos because they under stand and appreciate what Grundfos is and want to be a part of it

our present and potential customers choosing Grundfos as their preferred supplier and partner on the pump market because they understand and appreciate what Grundfos stands for.

This is the aim of the branding project - nothing more or less - and it will become an integral part of the way we do business.

Over the last 55 years Grundfos has achieved remarkable results, bringing us to a unique position as "Leaders in Pump Technology". We want to consolidate and develop this position - but in the future it will not be enough for Grundfos "just" to be "Leaders in Pump Technology". We want to be leaders in far more than pump technology - we want to be leaders in everything we do. That will be the precondition for our being treated as "the Leaders in Pump Technology".

But there is even more to it than that. Being the leaders is not the whole story for Grundfos. Our value document contains far more than that - and our brand concept and communication of it would not be complete if the most essential elements of our fundamental values were not included and made visible.

That is what we have tried to do - to develop our fundamental values for branding and a platform for communication with all partners and stakeholders in a targeted and coherent form, which will be used throughout the group.

The challenge is to develop Grundfos´ position as "Leaders in Pump Technology" into our becoming the most responsible, the most future-oriented, and the most innovative pump company in the world.

Our current slogan, "Leaders in Pump Technology", will therefore be replaced by three words:

Be > Think > Innovate

Be responsible

Think ahead

Innovate - find new and better ways to do things!

In order for this to succeed, it must be deeply rooted throughout the organisation, with everyone taking it up and being responsible for it - just as we in the management have done from the start, because the brand concept is defined on the basis of Grundfos' fundamental values and history.

Employees who are familiar with the Business Exellence model - called TQ at Grundfos - and the Learning Organisation will see a clear link between these concepts and the words "Be > Think > Innovate".

The new concept will be a challenge for us all - and it will be a challenge we can take up with pride. So let's congratulate ourselves today!

Source: Grundfos

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