Diploma for Grundfos´ titanium pump


22 products competed for the honour and Grundfos' CR pump in titanium, CRT, went through the eye of a needle with five other high-technology products to be nominated for the Product Prize of "Ingeniøren" (The Engineer), winning a diploma.

In the CRT pump Grundfos has replaced the usual stainless steel by titanium which is able to permanently resist saline water and chloride liquids. The CRT pump is so unique that it won the titanium prize last year, given out by the Institute of Ma-

terials in London, UK.What makes the CRT pump quite special is the fact that Grundfos was able to solve the hitherto impossible task of manufacturing titanium pumps on Grundfos' usual production equip-

ment. Up till now the problem was that tools in production are made to work on stainless steel which only varies very little regarding mechanical characteristics and surface quality. In titanium there are big variations and so the material requires much higher precision and detailed specifications.

At the competition for the product prize of "Ingeniøren", given to a company which in product development shows a high level of technological innovation, there was particular focus on the people behind the innovation - development engineers who put their creativity and work into the new products.

The seven judges of the jury chose each nominated product on the basis of a number of criteria - in design or use the product had to have decisive, technological news value. In addition it had to have important market value and/or a broad importance to society as a whole.

The jury said that Grundfos has secured itself a position in front by developing advanced titanium machining technology and that Grundfos' pioneering work can be used to advantage in other business areas. The jury called the CRT a product in the front line regarding sustainability as Grundfos utilises the abundant titanium resources to give the pumps a longer lifetime.

Source: Grundfos

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