Australia – Grundfos pumps selected for crocodile tourist facility


Crocodiles and sewerage may, at first glance, seem like a strange combination. However the two do come together at Hartley's Creek in far North Queensland.

Thirty-five kilometres north of Cairns, the farm's owner Peter Freeman has commissioned a new state-of-the-art complex to house his world famous crocodile tourist show. Integral to the development, located within a rainforest setting, is a new sewerage treatment plant of 8m3 plant capacity. To satisfy the local Environment Protection Authority regulations, which allow for effluent discharge to the nearby natural watercourse, was a tough challenge, one that TESTECH Engineering Australia was selected to overcome.

The TESTECH solution provided for a BIODISC RBC treatment plant with nitrification/de-nitrification processes, complemented with dosing equipment for disinfection, and a disc filtration unit, (filtering down to 10 microns), to further reduce suspended solids.

To meet TESTECH's standards of performance and reliability, it selected Grundfos Digital Dosing pumps. The pumps were used in the following configurations:

For Alum Dosing, a Grundfos DMS 2 pump was used for dosing into the first flow divider at a rate of 61 ml/hr. A second pump, a DME 2 situated after the lamella separator, was selected to dose chlorine at 10.6 ml/hr.

The installation and commissioning of the BIODISC™ plant, was performed by Mr Bryan Fraser, of AIM Pumps Brisbane. Bryan has over twenty years experience in the pump industry and agrees that Grundfos was an excellent choice for the dosing equipment.

"The Grundfos units are beautifully made and easily fitted. Installation and set-up is a breeze and I'm confident they will give many years solid service", says Bryan.

Mr Anthony Doig, TESTECH Sales Director says "We believe that the Hartley's Creek BIODISC™ plant provides for the best solution in this unique location - not only for its effectiveness and ease of operation, but also for its low power consumption and maintenance requirements". "The selection of the Grundfos dosing pumps was easy as their product is tech-nologically superior in every sense and fits perfectly with our tough criteria for design and equipment".

Source: Grundfos

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