Sweden – Highly flexible air-conditioning system for Landvetter Airport


Landvetter Airport, near Gothenburg, turned to Grundfos when they were to install a new air-conditioning system. Through an ongoing dialogue the best solutions were found - both in terms of economical and environmental conditions.

It was very important that the solution the largest Airport in Western Sweden was to choose would both include a low cost of ownership - the installation should be as cheap as possible in the long run - and be environmentally sound.

Together with a consulting engineer and Landvetter,Grundfos devised a scheme that focused on the flow in the chillers - the most important elements in an air-conditioning system.The Grundfos E-pumps were well suited to the job and became the backbone of the entire system.

Because of the E-pumps ' electronic controls,,every single pump could individually adapt to changing demands.This was vital in maintaining a constant internal temperature, given the widely fluctuating temperatures outside through the year. Although the energy consumption varied, the flow remained constant. The overall result was a highly flexible air-conditioning system and a total energy saving of 34%compared with a similar system using conventional pumps.

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