EFQM Prize for Grundfos in Germany


In tough competition Grundfos’ German production company was elected as the award winner at EFQM’s annual award ceremony for the prestigious European Quality Prize.

EFQM Prize for Grundfos in Germany


Grundfos won the prize in the category of Achieving Balanced Results. Man. Dir. Stephan Göttsche from Grundfos Pumpenfabrik is extremely proud of the prize:

"It is a an expression of everybody’s cooperation and efforts to bring our company into the future as one of the very best companies. It is all staff’s achievement, he said and continued: I think the award shows the strength of the Group and several factors have contributed to developing our work with EFQM. The representatives from EFQM said that they have never seen so comprehensive work with so many different strategic processes to become better at meeting customer requirements."

Group Executive Vice President, Lars Aagaard warmly congratulated the German colleagues, calling the vistory amazing:

"It is the second time a Grundfos company wins an EFQM Prize and it shows that we are very good in comparison with other companies. Now our German colleagues may flaunt their EFQM recognition after seven years of work to improve production. This must motivate to continue."

Mr Aagaard characterises the award ceremony as a fine forum for Grundfos for demonstrating our level to our biggest customers which also participated.

EFQM is a global organisation using the Business Excellence model for helping more than 30,000 companies worldwide to learn from each other and improve results. Among the members are companies like BMW, Bosch, Philips and Volvo, with which Grundfos shares good experiences.

The Danish production company won the EFQM Award in 2006.

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