SGS Chose Grundfos as Favourite Supplier


SGS, global certifying company, and Grundfos made an agreement about Grundfos as SGS’ favourite global supplier of pumps and energy consultancy in connection with pump installations. The agreement applies to all SGS’ more than 1000 buildings.

SGS Chose Grundfos as Favourite Supplier

Hermann Brennecke (left) and Matthias Oppermann shaking hands for a win-win agreement between Grundfos and SAG. Centre: Bent Jensen.

The agreement is not a fixed price agreement worldwide – business will be done through the usual channels and prices will be decided from case to case. However, the energy calculations will primarily be carried out by Grundfos’ German sales company, GWS.

Like Grundfos, the global certifying company gives high priority to sustainability. Prior to COP15 the company set a goal of reducing its CO2 emission by 10% before 2012 and 20% before 2019.

Grundfos lifts energy consultancy

Man. Dir. of GWS, Hermann Brennecke explained: ”We are going to carry out energy calculations at our experts in the German organisation to develop a new standard. This will lift our approach to energy consultancy to a new level.”

SGS and Grundfos have settled an agreement stating that Grundfos is SGS’ favourite global supplier of pumps and energy consultancy in connection with pump installations. The agreement applies to all SGS’ more then 1000 buildings.

Man. Dir. of SGS Germany, Matthias Oppermann said that it is very exceptional for an independent certifying company like SGS to settle such an agreement.

”The agreement proves that we trust Grundfos, fully living up to our quality standard. Since we started negotiations, Grundfos and we have aimed at creating a win-win situation. As Grundfos and SGS are among the world leaders each within their line of business, very interested in global quality-improving solutions, we both wanted to initiate co-operation that may bring both companies even further,” said Mr Oppermann.

We guarantee the quality of the customers’ pump systems

”The agreement specifically helps us reducing our CO2 emission from our more than 1000 buildings and we also expect to save money. However, our agreement goes further, for by combining our forces we may expand our customer services and we can guarantee the quality of the customers’ pump systems.”

Matthias Oppermann said that the first step of the agreement has already been carried out by having all pumps in the first building being replaced by Grundfos pumps. Additional 25 buildings will undergo pump replacements in the near future.

Group Key Account Director, Bent Jensen estimated that the agreement implies potential deliveries of pumps worth three million Euro by 2012.

”However, it is not the number of deliveries that makes the agreement interesting, it is the signalling effect of the world’s largest and most highly recognised certifying company preferring Grundfos, and especially the perspectives of it.”

Bent Jensen is very pleased that SGS may help Grundfos working out standards for our pumps, ensuring they will definitely fulfil the requirements of specific lines of business, including the car industry’s requirement of pumps completely free from silicone.

The author of the agreement with SGS is Service Director, Ralf Siekmann, Grundfos Germany. He is also the author of the idea of a computer program used in connection with the agreement with SGS.

The program allows the customers to use Grundfos’ expertise and know-how for creating a complete survey of their pump installations. For instance it may point out the pumps that, from a life-cycle perspective, would be suitable for being replaced by new and more energy efficient pumps. ”With this program, an installation with 70 pumps may be tested in only two hours,” Mr Siekmann explained. In addition to the survey of the life-cycle costs of the pumps, the customers will get a report of possible investments and payback times as well as possible energy and CO2 savings.

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