Grundfos Helps Flood Victims in the Balkans


Terrible floods have hit the Balkans, rendering vast areas inhabitable and even claiming lives. Grundfos and its employees are helping with donations of pumps, food and other necessities.

Grundfos Helps Flood Victims in the Balkans


Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected directly by the massive floods, which have hit Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia hard. They are the worst which have hit the area for more than a hundred years, and have resulted in massive evacuations, wrecked homes and a damaged infrastructure. Because of this, as much help as possible is needed to get rid of the water masses and help the people in need.

Grundfos is lending a helping hand, among other things by donating a number of pumps to the local authorities handling the situation in the countries. Among others, a number of drainage pumps, Unilifts, will be put to work.

The pumps will be assigned to different areas of the three countries, of course based on where they are needed the most.

In addition to supporting with pumps, the local Grundfos employees have donated food and clothes to the people in need via Red Cross, as well as having volunteered their work to tame the consequences of the water, for instance by damming up riverbanks with sand walls.

“We feel deeply for the affected people, and we find it immensely important to show our solidarity with our neighbours by helping out to the best of our ability, both in terms of our products and our people,” says Jim Toft Nielsen, General Manager of Grundfos Serbia.

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