45 Nations Meet in Cyberspace


New technology promotes understanding across global organisations – without waste of time and expensive travel.

The latest trends within global communication are moving to the top of the agenda when Grundfos on 8 and 9 November holds a virtual conference for almost 300 of the Group’s employees entitled Grundfos Virtuel Brand Convention. The whole session will be held in cyberspace, i.e. via the Internet, so that the many employees from all over the world do not strain the environment or their travel budget.

Innovative development and exchange of experiences

It is among other things the latest IT technology which is now making it even easier to exchange experiences and knowledge across borders, even though the participants are physically far away from each other.

The decision to use the alternative conference format demonstrates Grundfos’ commitment to innovation when it comes to promoting development and sharing knowledge in a large, international organisation. Kim Klastrup, Grundfos’ Director of Corporate Branding, also points out that the virtual conference has a great advantage in reaching further out into the organisation than a traditional conference could.

More employees can take part

“The virtual format quite simply eliminates numerous logistical obstacles. It not only save time and travel costs; it also means that far more employees can participate in the conference. In addition, far more employees can have a say – and as the statements are saved and collated, we also achieve far more effective and lasting knowledge sharing,” explains Kim Klastrup.

Values translated into action

The theme of this year’s virtual conference is to increase awareness of Grundfos and the Group’s many competences.

“Grundfos has strong core values with responsibility, foresight and innovation as the main ones. We are very well-known in Denmark and our aim is to spread this awareness to the rest of the world. We constantly search the horizon for new ideas and trends. That is why we want to enter into a dialogue with all our colleagues within sales, service and marketing to exchange the most recent thoughts on branding. We have very good experiences with sharing good ideas across borders and professional barriers. One of Grundfos’ special strengths is our ability to draw on global knowledge and dialogue among our many companies distributed across virtually the entire world,” explains Kim Klastrup.

Facts about Grundfos Virtual Brand Convention 2007

The theme of the conference, which will lasts two half days, is “Boosting our Brand”. It will focus on how a global company can reach its audience in new ways, find new approaches and navigate in a constantly changing media world. The conference will alternate between video presentations, online group work, and online feedback. The contributions will be supported by real-life examples – from both Grundfos and other large companies working globally.

Conference participants will include company directors, sales officers, marketing employees, service employees and employees from the Group management support functions. The conference will give these key persons in the branding effort new inspiration for the continued development the Grundfos brand.

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