Grundfos Student Award 2010 for New Solutions in CSR


How can large global companies integrate CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, in their businesses and at the same time earn money and strengthen competitiveness?

Grundfos Student Award 2010 for New Solutions in CSR

Sisse Roland Hansen (left) is now a temporary staff member at Rambøll Oil and Gas, whereas Sisse Norman is a Consultant in Grundfos CSR Department.

An answer to this question was attempted by MA, Sisse Norman and MA, Sisse Roland Hansen. Through empirical research they found out that Grundfos is facing big challenges when trying to create a common understanding of CSR throughout the Group. It would be suitable for large companies to choose a ”glocal” solution, i.e. think globally and act locally. Four elements could open up for success: creating shared frames of references, managing the multiple CSR identities, structuring the CSR identity and identifying and incorporating existing elements of identity.

Their suggestion entitled ”Changing towards strategic corporate social responsibility in a global corporation: The case of Grundfos” was awarded the Grundfos Student Award 2010, comprising DKK 10,000 (€ 1,325). The jury said:

”This year’s winning project, treating one of the most important questions within CSR, demonstrates new thinking and an ample ability to work independently and be critical within the frames in which Grundfos is moving in relation to CSR. This means that their project has high applicability for Grundfos, as the suggestions may be implemented directly.”

Grundfos Student Award of DKK 10,000 (app. € 1,325) is given once a year to a commercial and engineering project respectively, made in co-operation with Grundfos during the past year. The award is only given out if suitable candidates apply for it. To win the award, projects must be innovative and applicable with scientific weight. The jury also take presentation skills into account.

In 2010 no engineering project was found suitable for winning the award.

The jury is made up of senior staff from Grundfos’ technical departments as well as production and marketing departments.

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