Grundfos Enables Readiness of Machine Tools for Global Market


Danish pump manufacturer, Grundfos, is introducing a new variant of the Grundfos MTR vertical multistage centrifugal pump, designed for the pumping of cooling lubricants in machine tool operations.

The improved MTR comes with a DBT or “drain back to tank” feature that keeps or drains a leaked liquid back into the tank where it is supposed to be stored – even if a shaft seal is worn out.

Japanese OEMs who supply machine tool machines to the automotive industry have found the DBT an effective innovation as observed by Mr Michio Takarada, Grundfos’ Business Development Director of Asia Machining Industry. “Japanese automotive companies require no failure,” he says, “and visible leaks are considered a failure even if they do not adversely affect the performance of the equipment overall.”

“For years, Grundfos has had a similar solution on its MTH pump and it has worked very well, as proven by a low failure rate below 0.02%,” he adds. The DBT allows for longer operations between servicing for anyone who uses a machine tool. This makes it suitable for most machines, with various applications beyond the automotive industry.

The most comprehensive range of machining pumps

Besides the MTR series of pumps, Grundfos has been supporting machine tool OEMs with a complete range of pump solutions. Annually, some 200,000 Grundfos pumps are produced for the machining process, making it the world’s largest pump solutions partner to the machine tool industry.

Mr Ole Gerlich, Grundfos’ Group Director of Global Direct Accounts, elaborates, “Because we have more than 80 companies in 55 countries and are supplemented by a strong distribution network, machining OEMs who incorporate Grundfos pumps know they can expect unprecedented support and peace of mind in terms of dedicated customer service, readily available parts and components, and responsive engineering support wherever they are located.”

High-efficiency pumps that meet every industry standard

Pump systems consume large amounts of energy, sometimes by as much as 40% of the total energy consumption of a machine. Grundfos has addressed this industry challenge with optimised and high-efficiency pump solutions for machine tool makers.

“We became the first pump supplier to focus on delivering high efficiency pumps to the machine tool industry because we fully understood the impact of such efforts to cost and environment,” says Mr Gerlich.

Today, Grundfos is the first pump maker in the world to offer a complete range of pump solutions for machine tool industry that meets with the industry’s major motor efficiency requirements and complies with the national energy rating regulations and standards.

For a complete and seamless customer experience, Grundfos provides free pump audits to ascertain the energy efficiency and productivity of the system. Customers are provided a report on the impact to operating cost and the environment based on actual data, as well as the payback period and the projected return on investment.

Mr Gerlich emphasises that Grundfos solutions optimise client value chains and add value to their businesses, thereby enabling their businesses to be more competitive and their machines to be market-ready.

Grundfos, was showcasing its advanced pump solutions for the machine tool industry at the 27th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF), being held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre from 30 October to 4 November 2014.

Source: Grundfos

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