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06.02.2024: Voith Hydro expands Board of Management

22.12.2023: Voith Equips 2 GW Hydropower Plant in Angola

04.05.2023: Voith Hydro Wins Order to Expand Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant in Lithuania

23.03.2023: Voith Hydro and STRUCINSPECT Advance Monitoring of Hydropower Civil Structures

15.03.2023: Voith Hydro Opens New Center of Competence for Generator Components

31.01.2023: Voith Hydro Sets New Benchmarks with First Horizontal, Six-Nozzle Pelton Turbine at Gerlos 1 Power Plant

15.12.2022: Voith remains on a sustainable growth path

04.11.2022: Changes in the Voith Hydro Board of Management

14.10.2022: New Global Hydropower Day Highlights Benefits of Hydropower

23.06.2022: Voith Proves its Resiliency in Challenging Market Environment and Increases Sales and Earnings

20.06.2022: Voith and Ray Sono Launch New Digital Business Model

14.06.2022: Turbine Governor Series From Voith Hydro Successfully in Operation for More Than a Year

25.05.2022: Voith Hydro Extends Diagnostic Services Portfolio and Introduces New Product Family

25.03.2022: Global Campaign will Highlight Hydropower’s Role in Achieving Net Zero and Energy Security​

03.03.2022: Acquisition of Remaining Shares in Voith Hydro Completed

25.01.2022: Voith Hydro: Expansion of Operation and Maintenance Business for Hydropower Plants

13.12.2021: Strong Orders Received Thanks to Strategic Business Alignment Focused on Sustainable Technologies

27.10.2021: Voith Group Strengthens Hydropower Core Business

21.10.2021: Voith Hydro Upgrades Three Power Units from Belgium’s Largest Pumped Storage Plant

29.09.2021: World Hydropower Congress 2021 Ends with Historic Moment for the Hydropower Sector

13.09.2021: Voith Among the Top 3 in Sustainability According to ISS ESG

03.08.2021: Voith Hydro Takes Next Step in Becoming Small Hydro System Integrator

30.07.2021: South Africa’s Second-Largest Pumped Storage Facility Successfully Modernized

18.06.2021: Voith Group Reports Robust Development in First Half of Financial Year 2020/21

31.05.2021: Voith Hydro Presents the New Generation of Hydraulic Turbine Governors

14.04.2021: Voith Hydro Transports Giant Stator to Bavarian Power Plant 

25.02.2021: Voith Wins Major Orders for Pumped Storage Plants

02.02.2021: Cooperation between Voith and CNR in France to be Continued

25.01.2021: Ethiopian Hydropower Plant To Be Equipped with Intelligent Solutions

18.12.2020: Voith Hydro Awarded Contract for Hydropower Plant in Indonesia

16.12.2020: Tamboril Small Hydropower Plant Enters Service in Brazil

15.12.2020: Voith Shows Robust Development in an Unprecedented Year 2020

11.12.2020: New Virtual HydroSchool Concept for Hydropower Employees

03.12.2020: Voith Participates in EU Research Project FIThydro

25.11.2020: Voith Hydro accomplished the modernization of digital turbine governors for the Kinda hydropower plant in Myanmar

23.10.2020: Voith awarded with turbine generator units and auxiliaries supply contract for the Pakistan Mohmand Dam hydropower plant

10.09.2020: Modernization of Pump Turbines in two Spanish Hydropower Plants

19.08.2020: Voith Launches a Project for Intelligent Hydropower in Australia

29.07.2020: Model Tests Successfully Completed for Swiss Pumped Storage Power Plant

21.07.2020: Monitoring System for Latin America’s Largest Power Utility Company

14.07.2020: Voith Supports China to Develop Hydropower

09.07.2020: Small Hydropower Plant Verkhnebalkarskaya in Russia Put into Commercial Operation

18.06.2020: Voith Group’s results remain solid in the first half of the fiscal year 2019/20

25.05.2020: Pilot project on innovative cavitation monitoring in hydropower plants launched in Iceland

14.02.2020: Voith signs memorandum of understanding to build training center in Angola

07.02.2020: From now on, Voith Hydro will manage the small hydro portfolio of its subsidiary Kössler under the name Voith

03.01.2020: Voith is a Leading Member of the XFLEX HYDRO Project

19.12.2019: Voith to be Carbon Neutral Worldwide from 2022 Onwards

28.11.2019: G20 Investment Summit: Voith signs Comprehensive Service and Operations Consultancy Contract for Ethiopian Hydropower Plant

22.11.2019: Liberian Hydropower Plant Operator Counts Again on the Training Offer of Voith HydroSchool

26.07.2019: Voith Introduces Asset and Workforce Management Software for the Hydropower Industry

22.07.2019: Old Against New: Voith Makes Swiss Pumped Storage Power Plant Ritom Fit for Future

11.07.2019: Voith Subsidiary VolgaHydro Inaugurates New Production Plant for Hydropower Turbines

28.06.2019: Voith Supplies Water to Wire Solution for Small Hydropower Plant in Burundi

13.06.2019: Voith Successfully Participated in the World Hydropower Congress 2019

30.04.2019: Voith and TSP Form Joint Venture

26.04.2019: Voith Hydro Receives Major Order for Australian Pumped Storage Power Plant

14.03.2019: New Kind of Turbine Governor Proves Effective in Small Hydropower Plant in Scotland

21.02.2019: Voith Wins Modernization Order for Togolese Hydropower Plant Nangbeto

03.01.2019: Voith Wins Order for Small Hydropower Plant in Macedonia

26.11.2018: Voith has been Awarded Two Contracts to Supply Hydropower Technology in China

04.10.2018: Markus Rieck Strengthens the Board of Management at Voith Hydro

14.06.2018: Voith Starts Discover Hydropower Tour with Energy Experts

31.05.2018: Kössler Celebrates its 90th Birthday

25.05.2018: Voith Opens New Center for Hydropower Projects in East Africa

09.05.2018: Voith Hydro Opens Sydney Office

03.05.2018: The Hydropower Plant’s “Ear”: Landsvirkjun and Voith Launch Joint Pilot Project in Iceland

13.04.2018: Voith Modernizes High-Performance Machine in Pumped Storage Power Plant in Vianden, Luxembourg

22.03.2018: Voith Delivers Complete Electromechanical Equipment for Hydropower Plant Extension Project in Pakistan

12.03.2018: Small Hydropower Plant Wanjii in Kenya Set to Enjoy 20 Percent Higher Output After Voith Upgrade

21.02.2018: Hydropower Technology from Voith Plays Crucial Role in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea region

09.02.2018: Voith Improves Efficiency and Environmental Compatibility of Semla and Graninge Hydropower Plants in Sweden

24.01.2018: Voith Signs Contract for Henan Tianchi Pumped Storage Plant

11.01.2018: Voith Upgrades Small Hydroelectric Power Station Scotland

22.12.2017: Capacity Building in Africa: Voith Provides Knowledge in Hydropower Technology to Local People

29.09.2017: Succession at the Top of Voith Group Decided

30.08.2017: Voith to Modernize Welsh Pumped Storage Plant Ffestiniog

18.08.2017: A Milestone for Hydropower: Successful Startup of Frades II

14.07.2017: Voith Undertakes Pioneering Collaborative Study in Hydropower Modernization with the National University of La Plata, Argentina

26.06.2017: Voith Launches New VECO-Drive: Most Efficient Variable Speed Drive for Compressors and Pumps

15.06.2017: Voith and China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) Enhance Their Cooperation in the Hydropower Business

23.01.2017: Voith Components Make Significant Contribution to Liberia s Economic Development

24.11.2016: Voith to Deliver Pump Turbines for First Combination of Wind and Pumped Storage Power Plant

21.11.2016: Voith Trains the Staff of its Customer, Liberia Electricity Corporation

10.11.2016: Voith Has Been Awarded a Prestigious Automation Contract for Two Norwegian Hydropower Plants with Norway’s Largest Among Them

01.09.2016: Voith Awarded $60 Million Rehabilitation Contract at American Hydropower Plant Priest Rapids

22.08.2016: Voith Modernizes Small Hydroelectric Power Station for One of the UK’s Largest Energy Suppliers

04.08.2016: Voith to Deliver all Electro-Mechanical Components to 42 MW Small Hydropower Plant Achwa River

04.05.2016: Voith Hydro Canada Awarded Site C Turbine and Generator Contract

01.04.2016: Voith Received Orders to Supply Generating Machines to Wudongde Hydropower Station in China

09.11.2015: Voith Presents Technologies for Reliable and Environmentally Friendly Power Supply at Hydro 2015

09.07.2015: Swiss Hydropower Plant Rüchlig Will Continue to Supply Electricity for the Next 59 Years

19.06.2015: Voith Supports Waneta Expansion Project

06.05.2015: Voith Modernises Hydropower Plant in Sri Lanka

28.04.2015: Voith to Modernize Italian Hydropower Plants

24.04.2015: 25th Anniversary at Voith Hydro Canada in Mississauga

27.03.2015: Voith Modernizes Generators in Pumped Storage Plant Vianden

09.03.2015: Expert Study Illustrates Key Significance of Hydropower

09.02.2015: Voith Successfully Completed Tests at Various Hydropower Plants in China

27.01.2015: Voith Ships 320 Ton Runner to Belo Monte Hydropower Plant in Brazil

20.11.2014: Voith Wins PR Picture Award 2014

13.10.2014: Voith Awarded Contract to Equip the Keeyask Generating Station in Canada

01.10.2014: Voith to Supply Hydraulic Turbine and Generator for Rajamandala Hydroelectric Power Project in Indonesia

29.09.2014: Voith to Supply Complete Hydropower Equipment for the Expansion of a Pumped Storage Plant in Thailand

22.09.2014: Voith Awarded Contract for Upgrading Priest Rapids Dam in Washington, USA

15.09.2014: Voith Signs Contract to Equip the Los Cóndores Hydropower Plant in Chile

27.08.2014: Voith to Modernize Generator at the Waldeck Pumped Storage Plant

21.08.2014: Voith Receives New Orders for Equipment and Modernization of Two Hydropower Plants in the Himalayas

25.06.2014: Change at the Top of Supervisory Board and Shareholders Committee of Voith GmbH

21.05.2014: Voith Celebrates Dedication of Badger Hydro Plant in the US

15.05.2014: Voith Awarded Service Contract for Hydropower Generator Modernization project

25.03.2014: Successful Participation in the German Industry Innovation Awards for Voith

21.03.2014: Voith to Modernize Zvornik Hydropower Plant in Serbia

14.03.2014: Successful Commissioning of Voith Machines: Inauguration of Budarhals Hydropower Plant

05.03.2014: Voith Transports 73-Ton Runner by Air to the Bratsk Hydropower Plant in Siberia

26.02.2014: Voith Awarded Major Hydropower Contract at €200 Million in Pakistan

14.02.2014: Voith Receives Two Hydropower Orders in Austria

20.12.2013: Voith to Equip Small Hydropower Plants in Indonesia

05.11.2013: Voith to Modernize Mount Coffee Hydropower Station in Liberia

14.10.2013: Success for Voith in Austria and Norway

09.10.2013: Voith Received Award at HydroVision Brazil 2013

25.09.2013: Voith Hydro Celebrates Successes in Southeast Asia

11.09.2013: The Kaplan Turbine Celebrates its 100th Birthday: Great-Grandson of the Inventor Visits Voith in Heidenheim

09.09.2013: Voith in Sweden: VG Power Now Operating Under The Name of Voith Hydro AB

04.09.2013: Voith Invests in the Future of Small Hydro

23.08.2013: Hydropower Heading for New Dimensions

12.08.2013: Voith Receives Order for Hydropower Plant in Turkey

06.06.2013: Voith Modernizes Generators and Turbines at Inga I Hydropower Station in the Democratic Republic of Congo

26.04.2013: Voith to Supply Generators and Turbines for New Hydropower Plant in Angola

16.04.2013: Voith Receives Order for Modernization of Albbruck-Dogern Hydropower Plant

03.04.2013: Voith Modernizes Turbines for Norway’s Largest Energy Supplier Statkraft

26.03.2013: Voith Establishes a Joint Venture with RusHydro

08.03.2013: New Member for Management Board of Voith Hydro Holding

18.02.2013: Voith Acquires Vortex Hydro

13.02.2013: Hans-Peter Keitel Elected to Voith Shareholders Committee

31.01.2013: Voith Secures Contracts in the Small Hydro Segment in South America

18.01.2013: Voith Secures Major Orders for Hydro Power Plant Modernizations in Brazil and China

23.11.2012: Voith Secures Contract for Largest Hydro Power Project in Chile

04.10.2012: Voith Secures New Contract for Hydro Power Plant Modernization in Brazil

26.09.2012: Voith Celebrates 135th Anniversary in York, Pennsylvania

31.08.2012: Voith Hydro: Kirsten Lange Appointed As New Member of the Board of Management

22.08.2012: Voith Delivers Pumped Storage Plants to China and Austria

18.07.2012: Voith Chosen As the Best Company in Brazil’s Capital Goods Sector

10.05.2012: Reliable and Affordable Energy for Peak Demand

26.04.2012: Voith to Equip Štětí Hydro Power Plant in Czech Republic

18.04.2012: Voith Receives Major Order from Turkey

01.03.2012: Voith Receives Two Major Orders from Russia Totalling EUR 46 Million

06.01.2012: Voith Wins Scottish Award for Outstanding International Achievement in Green Energy

29.09.2011: Voith Hydro Receives Order for Modernization of Russian Saratovskaya Hydro Power Station

19.09.2011: Climate-Friendly Electricity for 170,000 Households

01.09.2011: Voith Hydro Brazil Signs Contract for Teles Pires Hydro Power Plant

18.05.2011: Increasing China’s Hydro Power Capacity – Two New Awards for Voith

28.04.2011: Voith Fuji Hydro Strengthens Position in Japan

31.03.2011: Voith Hydro Signs 443 Million Euro Contract

16.03.2011: Voith Hydro Overhauls Legendary Canadian Power Plant

23.12.2010: Voith Hydro Supplies Pumped Storage Technology for Venda Nova III

13.10.2010: Voith Hydro to Overhaul Generator Fleet of Kraftwerke Hinterrhein

02.09.2010: German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel visited Voith Hydro

09.07.2010: Official Start for German Pumped Storage Plant Waldeck I