New Virtual HydroSchool Concept for Hydropower Employees

In early November, a completely virtual training series of the Voith HydroSchool started for the first time.
New Virtual HydroSchool Concept for Hydropower Employees

The HydroSchool training provides valuable knowledge, which is practiced directly at the Mount Coffee plant. The picture shows a former training unit before the corona pandemic. (Image source: Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA)

The Liberian energy company Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), owner of the hydropower plant, and the technology company Voith are reinforcing their long-standing partnership in the area of training and development of local employees of the Mount Coffee hydropower plant.

The training units, which are implemented in cooperation with the hydropower plant operator Hydro Operation International (HOI), are considered an important component for the sustainable cultural and economic development of Liberia. They also form the basis for a sustainable transfer of knowledge about hydropower as a renewable energy source.

Individual Virtual Classroom Training
The "Virtual Classroom Training" is led by a Voith expert who teaches live from a location of the technology company. Two groups of 10 employees each take part exclusively in the lessons and are trained individually in their areas of responsibility. New employees receive important knowledge about the hydropower plant, turbine, hydraulic governor, generator and electronic equipment. Experienced employees expand their expert knowledge of excitation systems, plant protection and digital governors. The theoretical and practical topics taught by the Voith expert in the morning will be repeated and implemented in the afternoon with the support of a trained HOI employee directly at the plant.

The training is to be conducted and completed this year. After successful completion of all training units, each employee will receive a certificate, which is of great importance for the employees.

"We are proud that we can now offer our customer a virtual representation of the HydroSchool training in a very short planning period," emphasizes Maren Henkes, Customer Training Manager at Voith Hydro. "This is only possible thanks to the active support of colleagues from various departments, especially from Engineering and VH Nordic.”

In 2016, two two-week training sessions for the entire plant were held in Germany and on site in Liberia. Three years later, new employees benefited from further training programs lasting several weeks with special focus on sustainable energy sources.

Comprehensive global knowledge transfer
For years, the Voith HydroSchool has been globally committed to empowering local employees individually. By promoting sustainable energy sources, the technology company Voith not only contributes to the sustainable development of African countries but also supports them in the global reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Mount Coffee hydropower plant is owned by Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and is currently operated by Hydro Operation International (HOI). With a maximum plant capacity of 88 megawatts, the hydropower plant contributes to Liberia's stable electricity supply. Voith has already supplied Francis turbines and generators as well as electrical equipment and control technology for this plant.

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