25th Anniversary at Voith Hydro Canada in Mississauga


In these days Voith Hydro Mississauga in Ontario, Canada, celebrates its 25th anniversary. In the years of its operation the company has established a center of excellence for coil production.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Voith decided to not only look back to what has been achieved, but also to incorporate customers and partners into the festivity by inviting them to an Anniversary Symposium. “We are proud of our long history in Canada and of the longstanding tradition of hydropower in this country. But we also focus on hydropower’s exciting future by sharing knowledge,” says Bill Malus, President and CEO of Voith Hydro Canada.

Hydropower Training Symposium for customers and partners

The two-day Anniversary Symposium on April 13 and 14 focused on structured training, touring the coil manufacturing and delivering tangible knowledge to the participants by referring to case studies. With recognized experts at hand, all attendees of the Customer Training Symposium could actively participate and gain experience in various topics relevant to the future of the Canadian Hydro industry. In addition to that, Dr. Roland Muench, the CEO and President of Voith Hydro Holding, gave an address at the Symposium and highlighted the significance of Canada for the global hydropower market.

Outstanding expertise in hydro generator coils, modernization and service

Voith Hydro Mississauga has been serving many customers and all Voith Hydro locations worldwide by manufacturing coils and delivering distinctive services. The location combines both a high-tech facility, which was completely modernized in 2009, and highly experienced and specialized staff. “We are proud of having an outstanding expertise in coil technology, modernization and service. The forward-looking decision in 1990 to relocate the old Westinghouse Hydro Generation Service to Mississauga was a great success. This helped us to innovate our products and create new jobs”, explains Peter MacLennan, COO of Voith Hydro Mississauga.

The history of Voith Hydro in Canada dates back to 1904 with the installation of the first turbines at Decew Falls more than 100 years ago. The turbines were coupled to Westinghouse generators having an output of 1,500 horsepower. Having acquired the previous Westinghouse Hydro Generation Service more than 40 years ago, Voith Hydro Canada established itself as one of the most important companies for hydropower equipment in Canada. Since 2006, the company’s headquarters has been in Brossard, Québec. In 2012 Vortex Hydro joined Voith Hydro Canada through acquisition. Voith Hydro Canada has more than 300 employees across Canada.

Canada: one of the paramount hydropower countries

Over 60% of the country’s electricity production comes from hydropower. Canada is the third largest hydro producer in the world, over 500 hydropower plants are in operation generating over 372 terawatthours per year (2012).

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