Global Campaign will Highlight Hydropower’s Role in Achieving Net Zero and Energy Security​

Voith Hydro is joining forces with organizations around the world to call for urgent investment in hydropower to combat climate change, accelerate progress towards net zero and strengthen energy security.
Global Campaign will Highlight Hydropower’s Role in Achieving Net Zero and Energy Security​

Campaign logo of the IHA-led international hydropower campaign “We can, with hydropower”. (Image source: Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG)

The new campaign, is spearheaded by the International Hydropower Association (IHA) under the slogan We can, with hydropower and supported by a coalition of developers, operators, manufacturers and industry associations around the world. It highlights how a pathway to net zero and greater energy resilience is possible by harnessing sustainable hydropower as a complement to variable renewables such as wind and solar.

The campaign comes after world leaders at COP26, the United Nations climate change conference, committed to “phase down coal” and accelerate the shift towards renewables. While the Glasgow Climate Pact was welcome, governments have not made sufficient progress in planning for the transition.

Commitments now need to be translated into policies, investments and tangible action ahead of COP27 in Egypt this November. The new campaign will shine a light on hydropower’s benefits and advance solutions for building a sustainable and secure energy future.

Malcolm Turnbull, former Prime Minister of Australia and Board member for IHA, said: “We are at risk of stalling on the progress made at COP26. It will not be possible to deliver on our climate goals unless we start talking seriously about hydropower's role in strengthening renewable energy systems.”

Uwe Wehnhardt, President and CEO of Voith Hydro summarizes this role as follows: “As flexible and grid-stabilizing energy source, hydropower’s full-load hours and also storage capabilities are making the integration of wind and solar power into the grid possible. In that way urgently needed CO2 reductions are enabled globally.”

Eddie Rich, Chief Executive for IHA, said: “We cannot afford any more delays in taking action to shift away from fossil fuels like coal. With hydropower, we have a proven, clean technology that can supercharge the deployment of renewable energy systems and set us on the pathway towards net zero.” Hydropower generates electricity all year round and has low running costs, providing affordable energy for communities over the long term. “But projects can take up to a decade to build and require significant upfront investment. If we do not act now, then we will miss our opportunity to set a realistic course for net zero by 2050,” he continues.

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