Voith Hydro accomplished the modernization of digital turbine governors for the Kinda hydropower plant in Myanmar

In September 2020, Voith successfully completed the modernization of digital governors for two units of the Kinda hydropower plant owned by Electricity Power Generation Enterprise (EPGE), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar.
Voith Hydro accomplished the modernization of digital turbine governors for the Kinda hydropower plant in Myanmar

Voith Hydro has completed the modernization of HyCon digital turbine governors for the Kinda hydropower plant in Myanmar. (Image source: Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA)

Further to the renovation, the HyCon digital turbine governors have revived the Kinda plant, contributing to local economic and social development.

Kinda hydropower plant is located on the Panlaung River at Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar. In the early 1980s Voith supplied two turbine generator units for the plant. Since commissioning in 1985, the units have been operating with sound performance and winning lasting recognition from the customer. In early 2020, EPGE awarded the contract for modernization of two turbine governors for Kinda hydropower plant, which again signifies the good cooperation with Voith Hydro.

The technology group achieved the timely delivery of the two digital turbine governors by following a well-prepared project execution plan and leveraging the rich manufacturing expertise in digital turbine governors. Since the start of the project execution, Voith’s project team has been closely communicating with the customer and assuring the project’s success through proactive attitudes and exquisite expertise. The two digital turbine governors as upgraded are performing well.

Kinda hydropower plant operators expressed their thanks to Voith, saying, “Besides installation and on-site commissioning, Voith’s engineers have taught us the know-how of governor operation and maintenance, which is outside scope of contract but significant to our daily service and repairs activities.”

Hydropower automation from a single source
The ability to control a hydropower unit and the quality of providing electric power largely depends on the performance of the turbine governor system. Voith digital turbine governors combine leading-edge technology with concepts that have proven their reliability and performance under all operating conditions over many years. Voith has been developing and manufacturing the core components of turbine governor systems for more than 120 years. More than 18,000 complete turbine governors have been delivered and installed worldwide.

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