Cooperation between Voith and CNR in France to be Continued

Voith's cooperation with the French energy company Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) continues with a new Vallabrègues small hydropower contract.
Cooperation between Voith and CNR in France to be Continued

The new Vallabrègues small hydropower plant will have a positive impact on French renewable electricity generation. (Image source: CNR)

The state-of-the-art plant will generate 8.6 MW of installed power. The total project duration is approximately four years, with connection to the power grid scheduled for mid-2024. The decisive factor for the renewed cooperation was, among other factors, the very good partnership for the 6.6 MW Le Pouzin small hydropower plant, which was commissioned in 2017.

The new small hydropower plant will be located near the city of Avignon on the Rhone River and will be equipped with the most advanced electrotechnical equipment. Voith Hydro in Spain will be the complete supplier responsible for the entire project execution, including the design and supply of the vertical Kaplan turbine as well as the electrical and hydromechanical equipment.

Frank Buchert, Sales Manager Small Hydro at Voith Hydro in Spain, explains, "The small hydropower plant is another important step for the region around Avignon, as the construction of Vallabrègues will further promote the development of renewable energy in France."

Despite the strict travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the complete contract negotiations were successfully conducted digitally. This approach will continue to be important during the construction work already underway to achieve the goals set together with the customer.

About the Vallabrègues small hydropower plant
The commune of Vallabrègues is located in the south of France, in the Occitanie region, directly on the Rhone River. Vallabrègues is the fifth new small hydropower plant on the Rhone River built by CNR, the first French provider of 100% renewable energy. The energy group intends to promote and continue the development and installation of small hydropower plants in the future.

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