New Global Hydropower Day Highlights Benefits of Hydropower

Today, more sustainable, and climate-friendly technologies are needed to meet the increased demand while continuing to pursue the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Hydropower is the only renewable energy capable of generating electricity on a large scale.
New Global Hydropower Day Highlights Benefits of Hydropower

Small hydropower station in Indonesia. (Image source: Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG)

It has proven to be a reliable and clean source for centuries with a low greenhouse gas emission intensity compared to other energy forms.

More than 60 per cent of all renewable electricity is generated by hydropower. The sector produces about 16 per cent of total electricity generation from all sources.

The inaugural Global Hydropower Day on Tuesday 11 October 2022 highlights the benefits of sustainable hydropower to people and communities. The day is being marked by a series of virtual and physical events and initiatives around the world.

Global Hydropower Day is part of the ongoing “We can, with hydropower” campaign, an evidence-based campaign that highlights the many benefits that hydropower can provide to society. These benefits include providing clean, affordable electricity generation and energy security for grids increasingly reliant on fast-growing solar and wind power. Wider benefits include supporting the decarbonization of industries, as well as protecting communities through providing water management infrastructure. Worldwide more than 2 million people are employed in hydropower.

The campaign is led and spearheaded by the International Hydropower Association (IHA), with support from a coalition of developers, operators, manufacturers, and industry associations around the world.

Eddie Rich, Chief Executive for IHA, said: “Hydropower has provided a reliable, flexible, and long-lasting source of energy for more than a century. It has enabled economies around the world to flourish and standards of living to grow. But we don’t often hear about the human benefits of hydropower.”

He continuous: “Sustainable hydropower is a clean, green, modern, and affordable energy source. But it does far more than simply provide power. Whenever governments have backed hydropower development, it has brought jobs, social investment, water supply, flood and drought management, irrigation for food and ecotourism.”

The awareness campaign is not only meant to reflect on how sustainable hydropower has improved people’s lives in many ways around the world. The sector also urges those in positions of power to step up investment in hydropower for the future.

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