Voith Hydro Brazil Signs Contract for Teles Pires Hydro Power Plant


On August 22, Voith Hydro signed the contract to supply equipment for the Teles Pires power plant, one of Brazil s large hydro power projects.

The contract s volume amounts to almost 220 million Euros. The deal took place after, on August 19, Ibama [Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources] granted the environmental license for Teles Pires, thus authorizing construction works for the power plant to begin.

The project will be installed on the border of the Mato Grosso and Para states, and its 1,850 MW rated power will supply 2,7 million families, making it yet another important project within the PAC [Brazilian Growth Acceleration Program] that aims to supply the growing Brazil economy with reliable, affordable and climate-neutral energy.

Once the purchase order is issued, there will be a 38-month timeframe for the first generating unit to begin operation. Voith Hydro is the leader of the electromechanical supplying consortium for the Teles Pires hydro power plant, and will be responsible for supplying the 404 MVA-generators for the plant s five Francis turbines, as well as the control and automation systems for the plant and its substations, mechanical and electrical Balance of Plant, the associated transmission system and the project s detailed engineering.

Hydro power is the biggest and oldest, and at the same time most reliable source of renewable energy generation. All over the world, hydro power makes an essential contribution to economic and social development in industrialized countries as well as fast-growing regions. Moreover, it contributes significantly to climate friendly energy generation.

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