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Pump manufacturer

07.12.2018: Heavy Duty Leak-Free Mag-Drive Pumps for Efficient Pumping

15.10.2018: Metering Pumps Combine Repeatable Accuracy with Outstanding Reliability and Energy Efficiency

17.08.2018: New TEFC Motor Options for FTI Drum Pumps Available Through Michael Smith Engineers

11.07.2018: Innovative Gear Pump Ideal for Sensitive Solids Available Through Michael Smith Engineers

06.04.2018: New FDA Compliant Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps by Michael Smith Engineers

26.05.2017: Finish Thompson SP Series of Magnetic Drive, Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps

11.04.2017: Hybrid Can Feature Enhances Energy-Efficiency of Leak-Free Mag-Drive Centrifugal Pumps

13.02.2017: Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Range Expanded

06.01.2017: New Tube Length Option Expands the Scope of FTI Drum Pumps Available Michael Smith Engineers

05.12.2016: Long-Life Liquiflo Pumps Supplied by Michael Smith Engineers Last the Distance

07.11.2016: Hygienic Lobe Pumps Supplied by Michael Smith Engineers Help to Smooth the Sun Cream Process

12.09.2016: Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pumps introduced by Michael Smith Engineers

12.08.2016: Leak-Free, Mag-Drive Pump Range Available from Micheal Smith Engineers Features New Models

30.05.2016: Tough, Heavy Duty Gear Pumps For Industrial Pumping by Michael Smith Engineers

09.05.2016: No Mains Power is No Problem for Rechargeable Drum Pump Motor

23.03.2016: Micropumps are the Real Deal for Mechanical Seal Flushing

25.02.2016: Michael Smith Engineers Present Hygienic Rotary Lube Pumps for Food and Pharma Duties

22.01.2016: Micheal Smith Engineers Leakfree Turbine Pumps Suit Volatile, Hogh Pressure Fluids

08.01.2016: Gear Pumps for Leak-Free Refrigerant Recovery by Micheal Smith Engineers

04.12.2015: Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps for Food and Pharma Processes by Michael Smith Engineers

05.10.2015: Michael Smith Engineers Present Close-Coupled Thermoplastic Pumps

29.07.2015: Michael Smith Engineers Presents PFA Lined Gear Pumps for Aggressive or High Purity Liquids

17.06.2015: Low Flow, High Accuracy Internal Gear Pumps

08.05.2015: New Drive Options for Micropump Gear Pumps

10.04.2015: Michael Smith Engineers Introduces High Capacity Twin Screw Pumps

26.02.2015: Leak-Free, Mag-Drive Ultra-Chem Pump Range Extended

27.01.2015: Sealless Thermoplastic Immersible Pumps for Open Tanks and Sumps

15.12.2014: Low-Speed Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps Handle Suspended Solids

28.11.2014: Meeting the Challenges of Pumping Latex

20.11.2014: Gear Pump Sets new Standards for Hygienic Pumping

01.10.2014: Robust Thermoplastic Pumps Resist Aggressive Chemicals

20.08.2014: Michael Smith Engineers Supplies Pumps to Handle Pressure and Help to Inject Consistency Into Additive Process

08.07.2014: Mag-Drive Pumps Enable Upgrade to Sealless, Leak-Free Pumping

19.05.2014: Mag-Drive Micropump For Leak Free High Flow Pumping

28.03.2014: Sealless, Mag-Drive Pumps Solve Refrigerant Recycling Problem

19.02.2014: Self-Priming, Mag-Drive Pumps for Reliable, Leak-Free Pumping

13.01.2014: Compact Drum Pumps for Safer, No-Spills Liquids Transfer

26.11.2013: Less Space, More Power For New Micropump Drives

29.10.2013: Mag-drive Pumps Solve Semiconductor Waste Problem

12.09.2013: Leak-free Turbine Pumps for Challenging Applications

24.07.2013: Pumps Solve Moisture Control Problem in Textiles Process

14.06.2013: More Power and Infinite Control For Drum Emptying Pumps

07.05.2013: Durable, Seal-less Pumps for High Or Low Pressure Duty

03.04.2013: Micro Gear Pumps Ideal For High Pressures at Low Flows

22.02.2013: Vane Pumps Provide Smooth, Consistent Leak-free Pumping

16.01.2013: No Power? No Problem for Rechargeable Drum Pump Motor

02.11.2012: Ultra-Compact Gear Pumps For Smooth, Pulse-Free Flows

22.08.2012: Michael Smith Engineers Rewarded by Viking Pumps

08.08.2012: Micropumps at the Cutting Edge of a Specialist Glass Manufacturing Process

01.06.2012: Finish Thompson EF Series Drum Emptying Pumps With Longer Tube

12.04.2012: Micropump Gear Pumps for OEM Applications

09.03.2012: Tough Pumps Solve Sand Resin Mix Dispensing Problem

23.01.2012: Electric Heating Now Available On Viking Gear Pumps

15.12.2011: Compact, ‘Armour Plated’ Micropump Is Ideal for Abrasives

17.11.2011: Tough and Easy-to-maintain Heavy Duty Gear Pumps

26.10.2011: New Addition to Micro Annular Gear Pump Range

14.09.2011: Sealless Pumps Help to Solve ‘Sticky’ Problem

19.08.2011: Leak-free, Plastic Mag-drive Pump Range Expanded

19.07.2011: Leak-free, Seal-less Mag-drive Pump for Critical Applications

20.06.2011: Mag-Drive Pumps Meet the Challenges of Ultrasonic Cleaning

18.05.2011: Leak-Free Mag-Drive Pumps for Hazardous Liquids

01.04.2011: Stainless Steel Drum Pump Is Ideal for Chemicals & Corrosives

17.01.2011: Self-Priming, Mag-Drive Pump Range Extended

22.11.2010: Precision Gear Pumps Ideal for Plastics & Rubber Processes

27.10.2010: Shorter Shaft Electric Drum Pump Is Ideal for Smaller Containers

25.08.2010: Made-to-Measure Micropumps for OEM Applications

02.08.2010: API 685 Pump Is Ideal For Petrochem and Oil Industry Duty

27.05.2010: Non-Stop Pumps Help to Keep Coffee Production Flowing

06.05.2010: Drum Pumps Suit Acids, Chemicals and Corrosives

01.04.2010: Fishing Tackle Manufacturer Hooked on Plastic Pumps

22.02.2010: Micro Annular Gear Pumps Scoop Prestigious Award

05.02.2010: New Motor Options for Ultra-Compact Gear Pumps

08.12.2009: Compact and Reliable High Pressure Gear Pumps

28.09.2009: Accurate, Reliable Dispensing for Challenging Liquids

30.07.2009: PFA Lined Gear Pumps Meet the Challenge at Lower Cost

07.07.2009: Sealless Pumps Meet the Pressures of Centralised Cleaning

05.06.2009: Powerful New Motors for Portable Drum Emptying Pumps

24.03.2009: Plastic, Leak-Free Pump Range Expanded

11.02.2009: Energy-Efficient Cannded Motor Pumps Help Cut Costs

19.01.2009: Mag-Drive Pumps Enable Easy Upgrade to Sealless Pumping

29.08.2008: Durable Pumps Provide Accuracy At Lower Cost

14.03.2008: Vane Pumps Cope With Pressures of Tough Applications

28.01.2008: Plastic, Leak-Free Pumps For Pumping Hazardous Liquids

23.11.2007: Micro Annular Gear Pumps Deliver Precise, Smooth Flows

04.10.2007: Sealless Pumps Ideal For Recycling & Cleaning Applications

08.08.2007: Choosing The Right Pump For Biofuels Processing

26.06.2007: New Drum Pump Is Ideal For Less Aggressive Fluids

29.05.2007: More Pumping, Less Waiting with Self-Priming Mag-Drive Pump

30.04.2007: Pump range suits most applications and duties

15.02.2007: Micropumps for High-Tech Pumping

20.12.2006: Pump and Drive Combination Offers Numerous Features

05.10.2006: Sealless Plastic Mag-Drive Pumps Resist Corrosives

13.09.2006: Pumps for Pastes, Pulpes and Sludges

27.07.2006: Sealless, Leak Free, Mag-Drive Pump

03.07.2006: Non-Metallic Gear Pumps Resist Corrosives

26.04.2006: Magdrive Chemical Pumps Resist Corrosives

17.02.2006: Low-Cost Pumping with Ecoflow

15.11.2005: Pumping Sludge, Pastes and Pulps

14.09.2005: Pulse-Free Dispensing Pump Offers Outstanding Repeatability

15.07.2005: The Art of Pumping Thick, Viscous “Fluids”

24.05.2005: Leak Free Pumps for the Toughest Situations

28.02.2005: Less Stress = Better Pumping

23.09.2004: Smaller, Lighter Pumps Can Handle the Heat

05.08.2004: Tough, Compact Gear Pumps Handle High Pressures

02.06.2004: New Drive Options For Dispensing & Metering Pumps

29.04.2004: Modified Gear Pumps Offer Important Advantages

25.03.2004: Compact, Integral Pumps for Precise Liquids Dispensing

23.02.2004: Tubing Pumps for Cost-Effective, Simple Liquids Transfer

19.12.2003: Gentle Transfer of Viscous Fluids with New Drum Pump

11.12.2003: Durability and Accuracy with Piston Pump and Dispensers

14.10.2003: Compact Analytical Pumps for Precision and High Pressure

25.09.2003: Clever Diaphragm Design Makes Pumping Less Stressful

25.09.2003: KTB Integral Dosing System Ideal For ’Difficult Sites’

06.03.2003: Gear Pump Range Extended

06.03.2003: Tough Gear Pumps Now Available

09.07.2002: Codip tubular diaphragm pumps

03.07.2002: Compact, Multi-Stage Sealless Pumps Pack A Punch

10.12.2001: Ultrachem Pumps Help Backware Company to Clean Up