New Drive Options For Dispensing & Metering Pumps


The introduction of a new metric motor adapter for the FMI range of dispensers and metering pumps, means a significant increase in the drive options covering all the FMI pump heads.

The FMI range is well established with over 250,000 OEM pumps operating in industrial, laboratory, medical, scientific, process and instrumentation applications.

These new single phase and three phase AC drives are IP55 rated, so are suitable for outdoor use. Also, DC drives and motors with gearboxes can now all be close-coupled to FMI pump heads to provide robust, compact metering and dispensing units. These new drive options compliment the traditional FMI drives which include fixed speed, AC and DC, along with variable speed and stepper motor drives and controllers.

FMI pumps offer important advantages such as their patented 'no valve' design which eliminates the potential problems caused by clogging or leaking valves and so minimizes maintenance. Their valve-less, piston pump operation requires only one moving part, a chemically inert ceramic piston which rotates and reciprocates within a precisely mated ceramic cylinder liner. This ceramic piston always 'bottoms' within the liner to ensure that any gas within the pump head is cleared, resulting in minimum dead space.

The FMI range covers flows between 0 to 2000 ml / minute and on dispensing applications the units can be set to dispense between 0 to 1280 micro-litres per revolution. FMI pumps are accurate to within +/-1% and are repeatable to within 0.5% CV with their accuracy, repeatability and reliability measured in millions of travel free cycles.

Typical applications occur in OEM, laboratory, medical, research & development and pilot operations which demand high accuracy, precision dosing capability, combined with excellent reliability and minimal maintenance.

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