Compact, Multi-Stage Sealless Pumps Pack A Punch


Multi-stage, magnetic drive pumps which incorporate a two impeller design feature helping to create higher pressures at lower flow rates, are the latest addition to the range of pumps.

Compact, Multi-Stage Sealless Pumps Pack A Punch

(Source: michael-smith-engineers)

The Finish Thompson MSKC series of pumps are especially suited to processes such as filtration, water treatment, fume scrubbing, plating, printed circuit board manufacturing or wherever a low flow, high head, sealless and leakfree pumping performance is required.

The two stage impeller design enables users hydraulic requirements to be precisely met, also, because dual impellers generate twice the pressure, a more compact pump package is possible. Five different impeller combinations are available, and because the diameters of the impellers can be mixed and matched, optimum hydraulic coverage is assured.

The compact and efficient design of these pumps mean lower power consumption, enabling the use of a smaller motor, resulting in significant energy savings for users over the life of the pump.

MSKC pumps benefit from proven, powerful neodymium magnet technology, so the potential for expensive and time-consuming seal problems is eliminated.

The pumps are available in Polypropylene or PVDF, with either carbon, PTFE or ceramic bushing and a choice of Viton or EPDM 'O' rings.

The series of pumps cover flow rates up to a maximum of 13.6 m3/hr with a maximum head of 20 metres. Operating temperatures are 180 deg F for the Polypropylene version and 220 deg F for the PVDF version.

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