Pump and Drive Combination Offers Numerous Features


Reliability, repeatability and flexibility are among the essential requirements when choosing a pump for dispensing and filling duties in medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other similar applications.

Pump and Drive Combination Offers Numerous Features

FMI Ismatec (photo: Michael Smith Engineers).

FMI has developed a wide range of ceramic piston pumps which include these features and benefits and are now available through pump specialists MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS.

FMI pumps are designed for simple and reliable operation and require minimal maintenance, thanks to features such as no valves to clog, leak or service and just one moving part – the piston. They offer drift-free operation of better than 1% from set point, precision dispensing of -0.5% CV, flows from microlitres up to 2.3 lit/min with positive displacement pumping and dispensing up to 6.9 barg. The pumps are also self-priming and offer instant reversibility so they will pump in either direction.

FMI piston pumps can be supplied with two different types of Ismatec drives, the Reglo or MCP, both of which ensure very high repeatability. These drives provide users with benefits such as; choice of dispense functions by time or by volume, output set by speed or flow rate, interval dispensing with a pause or with a preset number of dispensing cycles and a piston stroke which can be automatically reversed at the end of a dispense to prevent any drips.

Control options include RS232 and analogue interfaces, speed control is proportional to a mA signal or through an RS232 connection and programmable models are also available.

The option of either Reglo or MCP drives ensures optimum flexibility. For example, Reglo bench top drives enable a wide selection of different FMI ceramic piston pump heads to be fitted, capacities range from 0-045 to 180 ml/min and a digital version is also available which can be microprocessor controlled.

MCP drives are the ideal choice when dispensing and filling applications involve dusty, humid or corrosive environments or in clean rooms when IP65 protection is a requirement. These drives can be programmed on-site independent of a PC, they deliver higher capacities up to 2300 ml/min and they to can be fitted with a wide selection of different FMI piston pump heads.

Typical applications for the FMI piston pump with either the Reglo or MCP drive include accurate dispensing of sensitive fluids in medical, biotech and pharmaceutical applications, transferring corrosive fluids in industrial and electronics manufacturing, metering and mixing paints, metering petroleum additives, photo chemicals, inks, coating sweets and the addition of flavours.

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