Pulse-Free Dispensing Pump Offers Outstanding Repeatability


A new pulse-free dispensing pump which offers excellent repeatability on a wide range of flows, is the latest addition to the range of pumps available from liquids handling specialists MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS.

The REGLO Z is a compact, digital drive unit which is designed for use with the proven Micropump range of magnetically coupled gear pump heads.

Under test conditions the REGLO Z pumps achieved repetitive error (relative) results of better than 0.5% at 5ml, while at 100ml they achieved better than 0.1%. The drive will accept the Micropump GA series which are capable of flows ranging from 0.85 to 420 ml/min and differential pressures to 5.2 bar (depending on the pump head installed). They can also be combined with the Micropump GJ series providing flows from 32 ml/min up to 3200 ml/min at pressures to 1 bar (again, dependant on the pump head installed). Alternative drives are available for use with the GJ series where situations demand a pressure above 1 bar.

A variety of operating modes ensures optimum flexibility, for example; pumping by drive speed (rpm), flow rate (ml/min), dispensed volume (ml) and dispensing by time (0.1 second to 999 hours). It is also possible to pause the unit between dispenses and to set the number of cycles.

The drive is capable of a speed range of 50 to 5000 rpm and a simple 6 button membrane keyboard and LED display enables speed adjustment in steps of just 1 rpm. Calibrating functions are also included in both flow rate (ml/min) and dispense volumes (ml) modes, an essential feature in being able to set precise flow values.

Other features and benefits include a closed loop control to ensure that the set speed is maintained independent of pressure, RS232 interfaces to enable operation via a PC and cascading of pumps, analogue output for speed monitoring (0 to 10 VDC or 0 to 12 kHz) and digital input (TTL) to enable run / stop and auto start operation.

Despite a comprehensive range of features the REGLO Z drive unit measures just 175mm x 97mm x 135mm and weighs 1.7 kg (excluding pump head) so it can be accommodated on most benchtops, even where space is at a premium.

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