Magdrive Chemical Pumps Resist Corrosives


The Ultrachem range of pumps are designed to withstand the challenges of transferring the most aggressive fluids in the toughest chemical process applications. These ANSI dimensional, magnetically driven pumps are made from a tough ...

... ductile iron casing with a Tefzel (ETFE) lining which provides optimum corrosion resistance.

Available through MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS, the Ultrachem pump series consists of three models which deliver flows up to a maximum of 59m3 /hour at heads up to 67 metres. Longer pump life and outstanding reliability are the major benefits of these pumps, thanks to their rugged construction and innovative design features.

For example, a modified concentric volute minimizes the effects of radial loads, evenly distributing pressure across the entire flow range, resulting in less stress and wear on the pumps’ key components. This, combined with a rear sealing ring and holes in the impeller help to balance the hydraulic axial thrust, which also contributes to less pressure on the impeller.

The enclosed impeller is injection moulded from carbon fibre reinforced (ETFE) for superior corrosion resistance and a versatile lock-fit design provides easy access to the impeller. Also, the back pull-out design enables easy maintenance.

Other features include straightening vanes in the suction chamber which prevent the possibility of ‘pre-rotation’ under low flow conditions and reduce turbulence on the impeller, thereby enhancing performance at low flow rates.

Sintered silicon carbide dual bushings ride evenly on the drive shaft to provide optimum alignment while the spiral bores on the bushings help to flush and lubricate the shaft during operation. The impeller is driven by powerful neodymium magnets to provide leak-free operation and eliminate the possibility of environmental emissions, whilst also minimizing maintenance. There are no seals to replace.

Ultrachem pumps are offered with a choice of options, for example, a digital power monitor to detect over and under load conditions offering protection against dry running which also includes a current transducer and a 4-20 mA output for use with a PLC. All models are suitable for use with a frequency inverter.

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