Micropumps for High-Tech Pumping


Small pumps which can dispense very precise amounts of liquid in the microlitre and millilitre range and at very low flow rates are particularly important in many laboratory, biotechnology, analytical instrumentation and other similar ‘high-tech’ fluids handling applications.

Micropumps for High-Tech Pumping

The Micropump MZR series of micro annular gear pumps are ideal for these duties because of their compact design, which integrates pump, drive and control, and because of the precise close tolerance machining of the pump components.

Available in the UK through MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS, MZR pumps are offered in two series of pumps which cover flow rates from 0.15ml/min up to 300 ml/min and discrete individual dispense amounts starting from as little as 0.25µl. These small precise pumps are hard wearing and give accurate pulse free pumping for long periods between servicing. All the pumps are available with precision DC drives which ensure a dosing accuracy of better than 1%.

The low pressure series of MZR pumps are suited to applications requiring precise pumping at low pressures of fluids with low viscosities. They are coupled with low power consumption, extremely small DC motors and can be easily integrated into OEM applications. The MZR high performance series of pumps are ideal for demanding applications which require accurate dosing at pressures up to 80 Bar.

They are capable of handling fluids with viscosities ranging from 0.5 up to 100,000 mPas. This series has a double-sided bearing system and is equipped with a powerful servomotor including an integrated control. These high performance pumps can be easily adapted from research applications to duties in production environments thanks to a range of options including fluidic seal modules, heating modules, thermal insulation modules, reducing gears and explosion-proof motors.

A wide variety of wetted materials are offered including tungsten carbide, ceramic and 316 S/S and so optimum resistance to a wide range of fluids is assured. MZR pumps benefit from longer service intervals and less maintenance compared to alternative designs of metering pumps, while their tough, wear resistant materials allow the pumps to be used on many non-lubricating fluids.

The features and benefits of MZR pumps ensures their suitability to a wide range of applications including chemical processing, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, laboratory automation, packaging, inks and paints pumping or wherever small amounts of fluids need to be precisely delivered and metered with maximum efficiency and reliability.

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