Sealless Plastic Mag-Drive Pumps Resist Corrosives


The most challenging fluids handling applications, such as those involving highly corrosive fluids, place tough demands on pumps, especially where the potential for expensive downtime and repairs needs to be avoided wherever possible.

The new Finish Thompson DB Series of sealless, plastic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are designed to withstand the effects of corrosive fluids. Available through pumping specialists MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS, these pumps promise outstanding reliability and efficiency, thanks to their advanced engineering CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design and superior magnetic flux technology.

Constructed from Polypropylene or PVDF, the DB Series are designed to resist the effects of the most corrosive chemicals and are an ideal alternative to mechanically sealed pumps used across a wide range of applications. For example, chemical manufacture, metal plating & finishing, wastewater treatment, electronics manufacture, fume scrubbing, mining, paper mills, printing and pharmaceutical processing.

Among the key features and benefits are:

  • dry-running ability to help protect the pump from operator errors or system interruptions
  • easy to set-up drive positioning thanks to the measurement free outer-drive which ensures optimum magnet alignment
  • and easy motor installation.

Also, multiple impeller diameters allow hydraulic requirements to be precisely met and a two-piece impeller design enables the impeller to be changed without having to replace the inner drive. Finally, multiple connections provide installation flexibility which helps to reduce installation cost and time.

DB Series pumps are designed for high working pressures (up to 90 psi), which allows fluids to be pumped safely whilst protecting against unexpected surges in system pressure. The choice of models covers flow rates up to 29m3 /hr at heads up to 27 metres for liquids with densities up to 1.8 g/cm3. The pumps can be supplied with standard NEMA or IEC motors and ATEX models are also available.

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