Gear Pump Sets new Standards for Hygienic Pumping


A new range of hygienic internal gear pumps which provide the all-important features and benefits for pumping in food, brewing, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and other ‘sensitive’ hygienic applications has been introduced by gear pump specialists Viking Pump.

Available in the UK through Michael Smith Engineers the positive displacement Viking Hygienic Series represents a significant breakthrough in combining the superior reliability and ease of maintenance of an internal gear pump, with the exceptional clean-ability of a hygienic pump.

The pump’s status as a genuine hygienic pump and suitability for clean-in-place (CIP) is confirmed by certification to Type EL Class 1 from the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG). The Hygienic Series is also third party certified to display the 3A Sanitary Standards Symbol for positive rotary pumps (3-A Sanitary Standard 02-11) a globally recognised standard for hygiene within the food and dairy industries.

Features include only one shaft seal, unlike the two usually found in most other types of hygienic positive displacement pump, which reduces the possibility of unplanned downtime and associated costs, internal wetted surfaces polished to a minimum of Ra 0.8µm and internal angles machined to a minimum radius of 0.8mm. The Hygienic Series has sealed bearings with food grade grease, so no need for an oil reservoir or oil changes. Also, the pumps incorporate front removable rotor, shaft seal and casing to enable fast disassembly and reassembly for cleaning and inspection and have double seal flush / quench ports as standard to enable in-situ change from single to double seals.

A rotatable bearing housing also enables end clearance adjustment in minutes, compared to the time typically taken (2 to 4 hours) on other hygienic rotary positive displacement pumps. The pumps also offer opposite (in-line) porting in either horizontal or vertical (for self-draining) configurations, as well as 90º ports for mounting directly under tanks with side discharge.

Viking Hygienic Series Pumps are available for flow rates up to 60 M³ /hr, pressures up to 10 bar, are suitable for handling liquids with a viscosity of 1 to 220,000 cSt and for operation on applications with a temperature range of -20ºC to +107ºC.

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