Durability and Accuracy with Piston Pump and Dispensers


Durability and high accuracy are among the important benefits of the new range of FMI dispensers and piston pumps, recently introduced to the UK by liquids handling specialists Michael Smith Engineers.

The range includes seven pump sizes which covers flow rates from micro litres up to 4600 ml/min at discharge pressures up to 6.9 bar.

The simple, yet effective principle of these pumps is emphasized by the fact that they have just one moving part, the piston. By combining rotation of the piston with reciprocation of the piston, eliminates the need to install suction or discharge valves. This simple construction, combined with the absence of valves eliminates the potential for clogging and ensures optimum durability and repeatability. Adjustment of flow between zero and 100% is simply a case of moving the pump head position which changes the piston stroke length and in turn its flow rate and this can be achieved whilst the pump is operating or at rest.

Typically, liquids handling applications such as those occurring in OEM, laboratory, medical and R&D /pilot operations demand high accuracy and FMI pumps meet this requirement with accuracy of better than +/- 1% and a precision dosing capability of CV 0.5% or better. FMI pumps are self-priming to 4.5 metres. They are also unaffected by the viscosity of the fluid being pumped and they can be instantly reversed, enabling them to pump in either direction.

Special options available include pumps modified for aseptic and liquid chromatography applications and pumps with heating modules for applications where fluid temperature must be maintained.

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