Shorter Shaft Electric Drum Pump Is Ideal for Smaller Containers


Transferring liquids, such as oils, acids and detergents from small drums, buckets and carboys is often done manually, where even if correct procedures are followed, can be a time-consuming and messy process.

Shorter Shaft Electric Drum Pump Is Ideal for Smaller Containers

Michael Smith Engineers

An easier and more efficient method is by using light and compact motor driven drum pumps, such as those available from Michael Smith Engineers. They offer the range of Finish Thompson EF drum pumps including a shorter 16” tube length option which are ideal for transferring liquids from smaller containers.

The EF series sealless drum pump with short shaft is designed for light to medium duty and is capable of delivering flow rates up to 64 lit/min at discharge pressures up to 6.1 metres. They are an ideal alternative to manual methods of transferring liquids and also more efficient than hand pumps. They eliminate the handling problems associated with heavy containers whilst enabling precise amounts of liquid to be transferred to smaller containers with less risk of spillage.

The EF series of pumps can be supplied in a choice of longer tube lengths, 27”, 40” and 48” to suit larger containers (the motors are also interchangeable with any tube selection) and are offered in a choice of construction materials of polypropylene, pure polypro/pure PVDF. Other features are dual speed, adjustable, continuous duty electric or air motors which have CSA or CE certifications and a built-in hose and cord clip for convenient storage.

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